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lifespan map by Mind Map: lifespan map

1. middle adulthood

1.1. physical

1.1.1. Im aging and cant keep up with the kids as much I spend time doing hobbies i have picked up with my friends. mostly non physical.

1.2. cognitive

1.2.1. i am learning new stuff about life and getting older. alough i am getting older technolegy is getting newer my kids are graduating and going onto emerging adults and I am learning to be alone with the wife again now they are out of the house.

1.3. socioemotional

1.3.1. now kids are old enough to be by themselves and I have more time to be with my old friends again. more friends from parents of my kids friends.

2. emerging adulthood

2.1. physical

2.1.1. I am said to be at my highest physical peak in my life as of right now i would say thats not the case. Sex is becoming bigger now and the issue of having kids is becoming a option.

2.2. cognitive

2.2.1. in emerging adulthood you are at a high intelectual status im going to college and i have for respect for adults or others my age and willing to learn. not only im i learning educationally I will have a lot new experiences to learn from.

2.3. socioemotional

2.3.1. This stage is when most people my age start drinking and all the things that we are allowed to do now. i myself dont do that but parties are still a great chance to meet people and start new friendships. this age is where most people get married although i am far from that.

3. newborn

3.1. physical

3.1.1. At birth, I couldn't control my body movements. Most of my movements were reflexes. My nervous system was not fully developed. By four months, I had some control of my muscles and nervous system. I could sit with support, hold my head up for short periods of time, and could roll from my side to my stomach.

3.2. cognitive

3.2.1. during this stage the I was realizing who my mom and dad were. Also studying new things around my from my crib.

3.3. socioemotional

3.3.1. I began to develop trust as my parents meet my needs such as changing my diapers when needed, feeding me when I got hungry, and holding me when i cried. I cried to express anger, pain and hunger. It was my way of communicating. I smile in response to a pleasant sound or a full stomach. At about six weeks, I would smile in response to someone else. By four months, I smile broadly, laugh when pleased, and learn to recognize faces and voices of my parents.

4. middle childhood

4.1. physical

4.1.1. im in the 5 to 10 range now my body is growing a lot and changing building muscles and coordination. i have become a work horse for my parents doing more labor like chores and it sucks.

4.2. cognitive

4.2.1. im starting school now and able to think logically and make more mature judgments. My memory and problem-solving improves.

4.3. sociomotional

4.3.1. relationships with my family and friends also matured and changed. Friendships take on a bigger role than before. Relationships start and I got involved with a lot more team activities.

5. adolescence

5.1. physical

5.1.1. I went through no growth spurts when I was young at least no major one like everyone else leading to me being short. this is a very soar subject when it comes to my physical development as a adolescent.

5.2. cognitive

5.2.1. At this age my intellectual processing is abstract, speculative, and independent of the immediate environment and circumstances. It involves thinking about possibilities as well as comparing reality with things that might or might not be. At this age is when harry potter was coming out and other fictional type movies and stuff i got into.

5.3. socioemotional

5.3.1. i began to form many different types of relationships, and many of my relationships became more deeply involved and more emotionally intimate. I was getting girlfriends and starting to in deeper friendships and got closer to my teachers and coaches.

6. toddlerhood

6.1. physical

6.1.1. toddlerhood i was more developed i was naked more then half the time because i was able to take my clothes off now i developed a love for sports and the outdoors walking and talking on my own.

6.2. cognitive

6.2.1. I was learning about the world by touching, looking, manipulating, and listening. I could talk, and beginning to form mental images for things, actions, and concepts. I could solve some problems in my head, perform mental trial-and-error instead of having to manipulate objects physically. understand simple time concepts.

6.3. socioemotional

6.3.1. most toddlers enjoy solitary or parallel play. they enjoy playing near other children, but do not quite know how to interact with one another yet. Toddlers often have difficulty sharing. Also, toddlers begin to start pretending during play times. when I was a child I always played with others making me a very interactive person today.

7. preschool years

7.1. physical

7.1.1. I was developing not just gross motor skills but fine motor skills as well. I was playing football and basketball I may not have had teh strength to get the ball up to the basket yet but running around dribbling was fun enough I could catch a football ejusting to somthing coming at me and reacting to it as well.

7.2. cognitive

7.2.1. I old enough to develop symbolic thought a significant increase in use of make-believe play, which has become more elaborate as I've grown. At this age i was playing pokemon not only the card or video game but running around in the back yard yelling I choose you Pekachu.

7.3. socioemotional

7.3.1. I was less dependent on my parents. I play with other children, interacting instead of just playing side by side. I was realizing that not everyone thinks exactly as I do and that each of my friends have many unique qualities I was starting to develop friendships with other children which i still strongly have today. I also was discovering that I have special qualities that make me likable too.

8. late adulthood

8.1. physical

8.1.1. Fragile but could still wip some punks butt if i needed to of course. mostly no physical activity because i could slip a disk or something

8.2. cognitive

8.2.1. Im now wise from my past and what i have learned and experienced i have lots of stories and great times to look back on

8.3. socioemotional

8.3.1. im now an old man wife and i are retired and taking trips. i have grandchildren now and i try to spend time with them going to they sports games holidays that stuff most my friends have moved and enjoying their retired lives as well .

9. death

9.1. physical

9.1.1. still active but brittle I stay home and dont do much

9.2. cognitive

9.2.1. I have not lost my mind I think for what i can do and becoming ok with the idea of death

9.3. socioemotional

9.3.1. I am still calling my old friends talking about stuff around the house and those darn whippersnappers talking about that time back in college when i had to do a life map and thinking this will be an awkward stage.