Europe's early middle ages Joseph Vergel De Dios

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Europe's early middle ages Joseph Vergel De Dios by Mind Map: Europe's early middle ages Joseph Vergel De Dios

1. The Mediterranean World

1.1. began thousands of years ago

1.2. the population grew rapidly

1.2.1. towns formed

1.3. had lots of nutrients

1.4. the river was a good source of transportation

1.4.1. encouraged people to: travel widely trade learn from each other

1.5. two most important civilization in the Mediterranean world

1.5.1. Greece

1.5.2. Rome

2. The Romans

2.1. admired the achievements of ancient Greeks

2.1.1. the Romans copied there architecture and Greek art

2.2. highly literate people

2.3. wrote thousands of books

2.4. they spoke Latin

2.5. they had laws and rules

2.5.1. some Canadian laws are based on there rules

2.6. roman peace encouraged

2.6.1. exchange of ideas

2.6.2. and trade

2.7. the romans demanded a price for all there protection like so the people who lived there had to:

2.7.1. pay taxes

2.7.2. give slaves

2.7.3. and submission from all the lands it controlled

2.8. ......................

2.8.1. in 410 C.E. Rome was conquered by the Goths, a germanic people Germanic people: one of the European peoples that spoke a Germanic language

2.8.2. the only remaining city in rome was with its capital remained strong

2.9. After the fall of Rome ages later they found Greek and Roman art, architecture, drama, literature, sports, and more were re born

3. The Franks

3.1. after Romans left eastern Europe Germanic tribes moved in franks were one of the tribes

3.2. they loved making war

3.3. most free men were armed with a special axe called

3.3.1. francisca

3.4. men and women loved jewelry and had long hair

3.5. The Merovingians

3.5.1. they were a royal family who ruled the franks for almost three hundred years

3.5.2. the most successful ruler from there family was Clovis the first he found the country of France after he died the kingdom was divided among his three children

3.5.3. before long the family was famous for treachery and murderous in battles

3.6. there laws were called the salic code after they wrote it down and collected it

4. Charlemagne

4.1. took over western Europe in 768 C.E.

4.2. his father threw out the last king known as a

4.2.1. Merovingian king Known as the "do-nothing" kings

4.3. pope agreed to let Pepin (his father) to be a king because hi father defeated the Muslim army who threatened them

4.4. he wanted to interested to rebuild old civilizations most Germanic people

4.5. he grew his empire in all direction

4.6. he was crowned emperor of Romans at Christmas day in 800

4.7. he sent out people called missi dominici to make sour people were treated well

4.8. there was only one code of law

4.9. he tried to make life easier for serfs and tradespeople

4.10. hard-hearted and merciless

4.11. had a long war with the Saxons in Germany

4.11.1. Charlemagne won and forced most of them to convert to Christianity there ruler refused Charlemagne ordered his men to kill them they killed around 4000 Saxons in one day

5. The Anglo-Saxons and The Celts

5.1. the angles, saxons and the juts moved in germany driving out the

5.1.1. caltic people a wester European Culture. the Scotish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, and Dertons are all Celts

5.2. larger numbers of germanic people mooved in and drove the celtic people even farther to wales, cornwall, scotland, and isreland

5.3. the celts were once powerful people they streched out from Spain to south Rusia

5.4. the Celtic language and culture disappeared in the seven kingdoms because of the Anglo-Saxons

5.5. the Anglo-Saxons

5.5.1. the Anglo-Saxons were fermers

5.5.2. women and men did the hard work

5.5.3. they created good epics like beowulf a long poem telling about heroic deeds and events

5.5.4. lost many batels with the vikings

6. The Vikings

6.1. in Easter Sunday 855 they attacked Charlemagne's empire

6.2. they were everywhere

6.3. war pirates

6.3.1. they harassed the people who lived in the lower regions

6.4. they stayed near the Mediterranean sea

6.5. they were looking for loot and glory

6.6. they used long narrow ships that are swift

6.7. they came from the north

6.8. there reputation

6.8.1. they were merciless and destructive

6.8.2. they were so heartless people were starting to think they were sent by the gods to punish them

6.8.3. some monarchs paid them to leave there land they took money called danegeld

6.8.4. french monarchs payed about 300 kg of gold 15000 kg of silver all from common people

6.9. most information came from the people they attacked

6.10. most vikings were farmers

6.11. lived near

6.11.1. fjords a long, narrow salt-water bay with cliffs along the sides

6.12. the viking age ended in the eleventh century