Chik-fil-A president's statement

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Chik-fil-A president's statement by Mind Map: Chik-fil-A president's statement

1. Both groups= hate toward each other because of this event

1.1. Both have the right to express what they believe, but the hype about and increase in hate/love toward Chik-fil-A seems unwarranted

1.1.1. Eating at a restaurant or refraining from doing so shouldn't be a political statement

1.1.2. It's just chicken

1.1.3. I'm sure there are other restaurants and corporations who support one side and donate money to it Examples? Why only focus on Chik-fil-A? Instead of hating on each other, do something positive to support your own side

1.2. Global?

1.3. Audiences?

1.3.1. Anyone who has gone/goes to Chik-fil-A

1.3.2. Anyone in the LGBT minority group

1.3.3. Supporters of LGBT rights

1.3.4. Supporters of traditional marriage

2. Yields protest from LGBT supporters

2.1. Too much hate for Cathy?

2.1.1. Especially during Chik-fil-A Day "Same Sex Kiss Day" response is harmless But some protests go too far?

2.2. Offends traditional marriage supporters

2.2.1. Including Mike Huckabee Who announces "Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day in response But does it turn into just an excuse for people to gather and bash gays?

2.3. Because of his statement about traditional marriage and his donating to anti-gay groups

3. Approval from traditional-marriage supporters

3.1. They should have first amendment rights, too

3.1.1. To express their beliefs about marriage

3.1.2. Including Dan Cathy It's his money to do with what he wishes