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Copy of VALLEJO by Mind Map: Copy of VALLEJO

1. City Hall

1.1. City Government

1.1.1. Mayor + City Council Council Meeting Schedule for 2012 - 2013 (link to Calendar) Council Agendas, Minutes, Webcasts (link to Granicus) City Charter & Municipal Code (link)

1.1.2. City Council Meetings (link)

1.1.3. Voting & Elections Voter Registration (link to City Clerk/Voting & Election Info) Elections (link to City Clerk/Voting & Election Info) Campaign Information (link to City Clerk/Campaign Info)

1.1.4. Vallejo Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 Program How to Apply Determining Eligibility Leasing Housing Choice Voucher Participants Staff Contacts (link to VHA/Staff Contacts) Project Based Voucher Program Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) Objectives Incentives for Participation Selection Procedures Program Eligibility Enrollment Procedures Contract of Participation Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP) Denial of Participation Measuring Program Success Outreach Efforts Go Section 8 - Find Rentals (direct link) Reports & Plans (one page w links to PDFs Procurement/Bids & RFPs Housing Redevelopment Commission Housing Authority Governing Board Staff Contacts Housing and Community Development Division (link directly to H & C Div in City Hall/Depts & Divisions) Frequently Asked Questions VHA Document Library

1.1.5. City Boards & Commissions (link to Dept&Div/City Mgr/City Clerk/City Boards & Commissions)

1.1.6. Central Permit Center (link to CPC)

1.1.7. City Clerk (link to City Manager/City Clerk)

1.1.8. City Manager (link to Depts/Div/City Manager)

1.2. City Agendas & Videos

1.2.1. Boards, Commissions & Committees (link to City Clerk/City Boards & Commissions)

1.2.2. City Council (link to Mayor+City Council)

1.3. Departments & Divisions

1.3.1. City Manager City Clerk City Council Agendas and Videos <link to Agendas & Videos> Boards & Commissions Public Safety Committee City Charter <link to one page w City Charter/Municipal Code> Municipal Code <link to one page w City Charter/Municipal Code> Voting & Election Information Campaign Information Election Calendars Election Links Candidates & Info Notices & Press Releases Information Technology

1.3.2. City Charter & Municipal Code (one page w links to PDFs) City Charter (link to PDF) Municipal Code (link to PDF)

1.3.3. City Attorney About & Services Vallejo Municipal Code Claim Forms External Links FAQ Contact or Directory

1.3.4. Police About the Police Department Police Chief FAQ Feedback Fallen Heroes Public Contact Info Police Online Services (one page w links) File a Police Report File a Traffic Report Report an Abandon Vehicle Request a Copy of Filed Report General Crime Tips (on site form) Give us Feedback (on site form) Public Information Reports in Your Area Press Releases Vallejo Alarm Information (link to crywolf?) 9-1-1 Cost Recovery Fee (link to crywolf) Help & Learn Volunteer Youth Explorers Our Units Records Dispatch Patrol Detectives Traffic Management Support Resources Municipal Codes (link) Court Liaisons & Subpoenas Permits (link to Central Permit Center) Megan's Law (link) Identify Theft Information Special Needs Registry Form (link form) Join the VPD Cadet Program Apply Apply for/Reserve Police Officer Job Opportunities

1.3.5. Fire Connect Message from the Chief Chain of Command History Stations + Divisions Stations Divisions Fire Prevention Frequently Asked Questions Permit Fee Schedule (link to Finance/Fee Schedule) ISO Rating Fire Safety Information (one page that links to multiple PDFs of fire safety tips) Community Fire Service Fire News + Events (create page, no content yet) MEDS Program (create page, no content yet) Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) CPR Classes (create page, no content yet) Emergency Operations Plan Fire Department Links

1.3.6. Economic Development Economic Development Division Business Assistance & Incentives Workforce Data Demographics & Community Profile Industry & Business Real Estate Comparative Data Regulatory Process Redevelopment & Successor Agency Planning Division Major Development and Specific Plan Docs (some intro content, then organized by Planning Forms Library of PDFs) Climate Action Plan (includes links to PDFs) Vallejo General Plan Permits for Planning (link to Central Permit Center/New Construction) Planning Commission Agendas (link to City Agendas & Videos page) Planning Document Library Building Division

1.3.7. Public Works Engineering Division Capital Projects Current Development Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs) One page links to all (1911 & 1972 Districts listed in columns - engineers reports linked to PDF and contracts linked to PDF) Traffic Engineer (one page and links to PDF) GIS (link to GIS tool) Permits + Inspections (link to Central Permit Center) Standard Specifications (link to PDF) Stormwater Maintenance Division Facilities & Grounds (one landing page w links) Fleet (one page) Marina Streets Traffic Water Maintenance Mare Island Causeway Bridge Water Division New Water Service Request Conservation Current Capital Projects Water Rates + Cost Schedules FAQ Published Water Reports & Studies Recycling and Solid Waste Residential Services Business, Construction + Demolition Services FAQs

1.3.8. Finance Budget List of Annual Budgets by Year Business License Tax Information Business License Application Information Business License Application Form Business License FAQ New Businesses in Vallejo Businesses not in Vallejo Closing a Business City Master User Fee Schedule Contact Us List of Department Contact Information Economic Development Division Bankruptcy Information Finance Department Forms List of Forms by Topic and Name Financial Reports List of Comprehensive Annual FInancial Reports by Year List of Other Reports by Name and Year Medical Marijuana Tax Information Medical Marijuana Business License Application Medical Marijuana Monthly Business License Tax Return Medical Marijuana FAQ Revenue and Other City Tax Information Cashiering and Payments Contacts Dog License Parking Citations Parking Permits Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Information Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Form Transient Occupancy Tax Monthly Remittance Form Utility Users Tax (UUT) Information Utility Users Tax Monthly Remittance Form Utility Users Tax Monthly Excemption Form Water Services New Customers Request Service Existing Customer s Disconnect or Change Service View and/or Pay Your Bill Online Bill Payment Options Water Quality Report Customer Service Contact Information Water Conservation and Efficiency

1.3.9. Human Resources Civil Service Rules Contact Us List of Department Contact Information Documents and Information List of Forms and Downloadable Documents Employee Benefits Benefit Summary Sheet by Bargaining Group PERS Retirement Benefits Health Insurance Benefits Other Insurance Benefits Employment Opportunities List of Jobs Online Application (PDF) Interdepartmental or Departmental Promotional Opportunities Hiring Process How to Apply for a Job Why Work for Vallejo? FAQ's Job Descriptions List of Job Descriptions and Salary Information Personnel Rules and Regulations List of Rules and Regulations Documents Salary Information List of Salary Schedules by Bargaining Group Union Labor Agreements and MOU's List of Agreements and MOU's by Bargaining Group Volunteer Program List of Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Application (pdf) Parental Permission Form (PDF) Admin Policy About

1.3.10. Housing & Community Development Division Affordable Housing Programs Homebuyer & Homeowner Programs NSP Program HOME Program CDBG Program RFPs & Procurement/Bids News & Information Reports & Plans (one page with links to PDFs in Doc Library) Annual Action Plan Vallejo Housing Authority Annual Plan Neighborhood Stabilization Plan Consolidated Plan (highlights priorities) Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Reports (CAPER) Public Housing Request for Qualifications Public Housing Authority Plan Citizen Participation Plan Housing Element (show in planning div?) Special Housing Reports RFP's Staff Contacts (link to Staff Contacts under VHA) Housing & Redevelopment Commission (link to Housing & Redevelopment page under VHA) Frequently Asked Questions CDBG Program FAQs HOME Program FAQs CDBG FAQs HOME FAQs Vallejo Housing Authority (link directly to VHA) Housing + Community Development Document Library

1.3.11. Code Enforcement

1.4. Voting & Elections (landing page only)

1.4.1. Voter Registration (link to City Clerk/Voting & Election Info)

1.4.2. Elections (link to City Clerk/Voting & Election Info)

1.4.3. Campaign Information (link to City Clerk/Voting & Election Info)

1.5. Financial Information (landing page only)

1.5.1. FY 2012 - 2013 Budget (link to City Hall/Depts&Divisions/Finance page)

1.5.2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (link to City Hall/Depts&Divisions/Finance page)

1.6. Available Jobs

2. Attractions & Events

2.1. Attractions

2.1.1. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

2.1.2. Marinas + Boating

2.1.3. Museums

2.1.4. Mare Island

2.1.5. Wine Country

2.1.6. Festivals

2.2. Performing Arts & Film

2.2.1. Empress Theatre (link)

2.2.2. Mira Theatre (link)

2.2.3. Vallejo Symphony (link)

2.2.4. Movie Theaters (link)

2.3. Sports & Recreation

2.3.1. Golf Courses Blue Rock Springs (link) Joe Montero (link) Hiddenbrooke (link) Mare Island (link)

2.3.2. Recreation Programs

2.3.3. Parks and Trails

2.3.4. Swimming Pools

2.3.5. Team Sports

2.3.6. Mare Island Sports Center

2.3.7. The Waterfront

2.4. Retail Activity

2.4.1. Vallejo Restaurants

2.4.2. Vallejo Shopping

2.5. Planning an Event (links

2.6. Calendar of Events

2.6.1. City Calendar & Agendas

2.6.2. Vallejo Convention & Visitors Bureau (link to )

3. Living Here

3.1. Residents

3.2. Neighborhood & City Services

3.3. Newcomers & Visitors

3.4. Transportation

3.5. Emergency Services

3.5.1. Police

3.5.2. Fire

3.5.3. Disaster Preparedness

3.5.4. Hospitals

3.5.5. Broken Water Main(should this live in water dept?)

3.5.6. Electrical or Natural Gas Disruption

3.5.7. Street Trees(

3.5.8. Streetlight or Traffic Signals

3.5.9. More Public Works Emergency Services

3.6. Connect

3.6.1. Vallejo News

3.6.2. Open City Hall

3.6.3. Facebook

3.6.4. Next Door

3.6.5. Communications SIgnup

3.6.6. City Calendar

4. Doing Business

4.1. Central Permit Center (link CPC in the Online Services section)

4.2. Business Information

4.2.1. Business Owners (link CPC, businesses)

4.2.2. Starting a Business in Vallejo (link in economic development BA/ incentives)

4.2.3. Business Licenses (link Central Permit Center, businesses)

4.2.4. Fee Schedule (link in finance)

4.2.5. Event Planning (link to Central Permit Center, event planning )

4.2.6. Redevelopment/Successor Agency (link in economic development)

4.2.7. Standard Specifications (link to ?)

4.2.8. Water Services + Utilities

4.2.9. Other Public Agencies (link)

4.3. Building & Zoning

4.3.1. Permits (link) Applications (link) Fee Schedule (link) How Do I...? (link) Information Handouts (link) Permit Searches (link)

4.3.2. Transportation + Parking Lots (link)

4.3.3. Zoning + Maps (link) Section 3 Program (link) Properties for Lease (link) Surplus Property (link) Finding a Site for Your Business (link) Building Division (linnk)

4.3.4. General Plan (link)

4.3.5. Commercial Real Estate (link)

4.4. Bids & Proposals

4.4.1. City Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFP) (link)

4.4.2. Doing Business with the City of Vallejo (link)

4.4.3. Section 3 Local Resident Hiring and Local Business Program (link)

4.5. Business Resources (All items in this section link to Economic Development)

4.5.1. Economic Development Department (link to Econ Dev)

4.5.2. Current Business Activity (link to Econ Dev)

4.5.3. Business Assistance + Incentives (link to Econ Dev)

4.5.4. Industry + Business Data (link to Econ Dev)

4.6. Transportation

5. Online Services

5.1. Communicate with Us

5.1.1. Contact Us (link to Contact page of top right header link)

5.1.2. Communications Signup (link)

5.2. Online Payments (one page)

5.2.1. Water Bills (link)

5.2.2. Building Inspections and Permits (link to Central Permit Center/Remodeling & Construction)

5.2.3. Business Licenses (link to Central Permit Center/Business/)

5.2.4. Marina Bills (link)

5.3. Central Permit Center

5.3.1. Remodel Excavation

5.3.2. New Construction (one page) Environmental Guidelines (link to PDF) Excavation (link to PDF)

5.3.3. Signs

5.3.4. Events (one page) Tents (link to PDF) Street Closure (link to PDF)

5.3.5. Businesses (all one page) New Business or Change Business (link to PDFs) Renew a Business (link to PDF) Home-Based Business (link to PDF) Excavation (link to PDF) Outdoor Dining/Sidewalk Cafe (link to PDF) Christmas Tree Lots (link to PDF)

5.3.6. Trees + Landscape (one page) Retaining Walls + Fences (link to PDF) Trees (link to PDF)

5.3.7. Zoning + General Plan (one page) General Plan (link to PDF) Specific Plan Documents (link to PDF)

5.3.8. Other Permits (one page, not subpages) Encroachment Permits (link to PDF) Administrative Permits (link to PDF) Explosives Permits (link to PDF) Hot Work/Welding Permits (link to PDF) Pyrotechnics Permits (link to PDF)

5.4. Demographic Information

5.4.1. Geographic Information System (GIS)

5.5. Vallejo Housing Authority

5.5.1. Apply Online

5.5.2. Comments + Feedback

6. About Vallejo

6.1. Welcome to Vallejo

6.1.1. links referenced on Megamenus of Mayor & City Council and City Hall link directly from the About Vallejo landing page.

6.2. History

6.2.1. Museums

6.2.2. Historic Districts

6.3. City Government (link)

6.4. Current Weather

6.5. Map

6.6. Demographic Profile

6.7. Photo Gallery