The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Present

1.1. Upper Class

1.1.1. Capitalists, corporations over-ruled, people who control money

1.2. Lower Class

1.2.1. Proleteriats Those who are forced off their land to work in factories

2. Future

2.1. Eloi

2.1.1. Four feet high humanoids that are the successors of humans who live a dedantic life

2.1.2. They look like children who have a lack of interest in something new

2.1.3. They are afraid of the dark night as Morlocks would hunt them down as their source of food.

2.1.4. They are vegetarian and only eat fruits.

2.2. Morlock

2.2.1. White ape-like creatures who live underground in the wells

2.2.2. They are cannibalistic and they eat the Elois They fear light and fire., which is why they live underground.

3. The Time Traveller

3.1. He advocates that Time is the fourth dimension that can be manipulated. Everyone was skeptical of his time travels since he did not provide substantial evidence of his time travelling

3.1.1. He is very curious about the future and had invented the Time Machine to venture into the Future He ends up in 802, 701 A.D. where he meets the Elois and the Molocks