Virtual Window

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Virtual Window by Mind Map: Virtual Window

1. Game Studies

1.1. Jane McGonigal

1.1.1. Reality is Broken (2011)

2. Khan Academy

3. The Sims

4. Fixed World

5. Downloadable

6. A Digital Game-based Learning Environment by Stephan Calitz

7. Resources

7.1. Software

7.1.1. Autodesk Softimage

7.1.2. Adobe Illustrator Flash AfterEffects Photoshop

7.1.3. Development Platforms Unity 3D Tools & Plugins Mobile Android iOS Desktop Browser Standalone

7.2. HR

7.2.1. Development Dagan Read Stephen Bester

7.2.2. Design Kevin Lawrie Werner Burger

7.2.3. Animation Charl Pieterse Christoper Pinto

7.2.4. Sound Jacob Israel

7.2.5. 3D Devon Callaghan Hendre vd Walt Shane McMahon

7.3. Budget

7.4. Marketing

7.4.1. Competitions gSummit Information is Beautiful STEM Video game Challenge Brain POP

7.5. Support

8. Practical

8.1. Gamification

8.1.1. Practice Gabe Zichermann Gamification by Design (2011) Tim Chang Venture Capitalist Rajat Paharia Bunchball Amy Jo Kim

8.1.2. Process Player Profile Avatar Experience World Virtual Space Information Motivation Social Status Curiosity Thumbing

8.2. System Design

8.2.1. System Requirements Networking Hosting Information Design Database Management Analytics

9. Theory

9.1. Digital Development

9.1.1. Game Design Jesse Schell The Art of Game Design (2008)

9.1.2. e-Learning Salman Khan

9.2. Game-based Learning

9.2.1. James Paul Gee Language and Learning in the Digital Age (2011) Leading thinker on Games for Learning

9.2.2. Marc Prensky Digital Game-Based Learning (2007) Understanding the Learner/Player

9.3. Game Theory

9.3.1. Player Behaviour Richard Bartle Designing Virtual Worlds (2003) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (2009)

9.3.2. Game Mechanics Karl Kapp The Gamification of Learning and Instruction (2012) Ralph Koster A Theory of Fun for Game Design (2003)

9.4. Systems Thinking

9.4.1. Complexity David McCandless Information is Beautiful (2010)

9.4.2. System Design Methodology Dennis Buede The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods (2009)

9.4.3. Systems Engineering Derek Hitchins Systems Engineering: A 21st Century Systems Methodology (2007)

10. Supervisors

10.1. Research

10.1.1. Jan Koster

10.1.2. Pluto Panoussis

10.2. Implimentation

10.2.1. Nico Du Plussis

10.2.2. Sven Berstrom

11. GSummit

12. TED Conference

13. World of `Warcraft

14. The Open Window

15. Testing Phase

16. Primary Development