Winning At Life Speech

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Winning At Life Speech by Mind Map: Winning At Life Speech

1. Intro

1.1. I went to Business School

1.1.1. Prepared me to be a good employee Big Companies recruited at our school Many of my friends became investment bankers and consultants got burned out

1.1.2. Entrepreneurial Sciences passion creativity fun ideas pitches

1.2. I started 5 businesses

1.2.1. snow cone

1.2.2. eBay consignment shop

1.2.3. Events promotion and photography

1.2.4. Computer parts resale

1.2.5. Email outsources services

2. Conclusion

2.1. Chicken and Eagle Story

2.2. Offer Winning At Life eBook Sample and pilot testing.

2.2.1. Call to action: email me at [email protected]? Go to URL? Text me?

2.2.2. Invite me to come speak at your group

2.2.3. Pass out half-page handout? What's the best way to capture leads in a crowd of 50?

3. Winning At Life

3.1. Rules

3.1.1. Old Rules Go To School Get A Job Save for Retirement Be the richest person in the retirement home

3.1.2. New Rules Lifestyle Passion Freedom Expression Creativity Competition

4. 3 Things to focus on when starting a business

4.1. Solve a problem

4.1.1. listening

4.2. Customers

4.2.1. Target market

4.2.2. research

4.3. Money

4.3.1. cashflow

4.3.2. presell