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Christmas by Mind Map: Christmas

1. Lights

1.1. LED Christmas lights are popular holiday lights due to their energy saving features and long bulb life. LEDs burn bright, and you will reduce your costs when choosing Christmas lights! When choosing LED bulbs, the size options range from the popular outdoor light sizes of C7 and C9 to the minis, small round G12 bulbs, and C6 teardrops. LED Christmas lights are available as net lights for bushes, icicle strands to hang from roof tops, and rope lighting and garland.

1.2. Traditional lights in retro c7 and c9 bulbs. Illuminate the house, yard, or trees this holiday with Christmas light strings displaying larger, older fashioned Christmas bulbs. C7 lights are the ideal size to trim a tree or outline the yard, and C9 bulbs are large enough to be seen on rooftops and large outdoor trees.

2. Tree

2.1. Fake Tree

2.2. Fur Tree

2.3. Evergreen

3. Outdoor Decorations

3.1. Trees

3.1.1. Decorate Tree

3.1.2. Frost Tree

3.2. House

3.2.1. Christmas Lights

3.2.2. Nativity Scene

4. Caroling

5. Santa

5.1. Cookies

5.2. Milk