RHR Wiki-Handbook

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RHR Wiki-Handbook by Mind Map: RHR Wiki-Handbook

1. Working in RHR

1.1. Introduction to RHR

1.2. RHR Organizational chart

1.3. Photos of RHR staff

1.4. RHR Telephone list

1.4.1. by Team

1.4.2. by staff

1.5. Areas of scientific and technical expertise among RHR staff

1.6. Contact persons for support services

1.7. six-monthly travel and meeting planning

1.8. Delegation of authority

1.9. Registry files

1.10. Informatics support

1.11. Visiting cards

2. Working with Regions and countries

2.1. Working with regions and country offices

2.2. Regional advisers for sexual and reproductive health

2.3. Country-specific procedures and guidelines

2.4. Transferring funds to WHO Regional or country offices

2.4.1. HRP funds

2.4.2. RHR funds

2.4.3. UNFPA funds

3. Introduction to RHR Wiki-Handbook

3.1. What is included, what is not

3.2. Other sources of information in WHO

4. HRP Research Projects

4.1. RHR research proopsal preparation and review

4.2. Flowchart of review process

4.3. Flowchart for protocol

4.4. Assessment form for project reviewer

4.5. Checklists for review bodies

4.5.1. Biomedical specialist panel

4.5.2. Epidemiological specialist panel

4.5.3. SERG Scientific and Ethical Review Group

4.6. ERC Ethical Review Committee FAQs

5. Service requisitions

5.1. APWs

5.1.1. Adjudication report guidelines

5.1.2. Advance Payment justification sample memo >50%

5.1.3. Advance payment justification sample memo < 50%

5.1.4. Adjudication report <70,000 sample report

5.2. TSAs

5.2.1. Blank financial report form

5.3. TRIMS contract management system

5.3.1. TRIMS cover sheet

6. Meetings

6.1. Meetings of staff (internal)

6.1.1. Regularly scheduled staff meetings

6.1.2. Established RHR committees MTF task force DMC Department Management Committee SDT Strategy Development team

6.2. Administration of Meetings with external participants

6.2.1. How to organize an official meeting

6.2.2. RHR standard letter of invitation variant A variant B

6.2.3. RHR sample memo seeking approval

6.2.4. Sample letter for becoming a member of a formal RHR committee

6.2.5. Sample letter for rotating off a formal RHR committee

6.2.6. Temporary adviser information note

6.2.7. Temporary adviser insurance information

6.2.8. Temporary adviser additional per diem policy

6.3. How to book a meeting room

6.4. Scheduling a meeting among members of RHR staff

6.5. Meetings with external participants

6.5.1. Specialist Panels

6.5.2. STAG Scientific and Tecnical Review Group

6.5.3. PCC Policy and Coordination Committee

6.5.4. GAP Gender and Rights Advisory Panel

6.5.5. SERG Scientific and Ethical Review Group

7. Duty Travel

7.1. Payment of conference registration fees

8. HR Matters

8.1. Flexi Leave

9. Fundraising and donor relations

9.1. Fundraising in RHR

9.2. WHO Bank accounts for incoming payments

9.3. Routing and clearance for donor materials

10. Documents, Publications, Web

10.1. RHR & MPS document centre

10.2. WHO Library services

10.3. Preparing and issuing an officeial WHO publication or document

10.3.1. WHO Proposal form

10.3.2. WHO Executive clearance form

11. GUIDELINES for preparation of correspondence with Heads of State, etc.

12. Declaration of interests for external experts

12.1. Is a Declaration required?

12.2. Form (English)

12.3. Form (French)

12.4. Form (Spanish)