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Vote: Liberal Democrat (Lib Dems). European Election - Council Election - General Election. UK. Why? 'Without a map orientation is impossible' Bertrand Russell by Mind Map: Vote: Liberal Democrat (Lib Dems). European Election - Council Election - General Election. UK. Why? 'Without a map orientation is impossible' Bertrand Russell

1. It is a parents duty to know or we are at the mercy of every crackpot idea and political nonsense: duty is a very dirty word today! If we don't want to live by isolationist-sectarianising, comforting, expensive - on our time and our money and with infantile fairy tales ('The Infantile Situation' GB). We must teach this ethos to our older children, so that they will not make the same crass, inherent and stupid, repetitive mistakes. 'As soon as man reaches the highest degree of development (in Tolstoy's case it was just 32 years of age), he sees that all is bunkum and deceit; and that the truth, which he values above all, is terrible, that when you look at it well and clearly you awake with horror!' No solid base (for children) and therefore no freedom, producing no ideas, but duty is a dirty word today. Ref, 'Power of the Guardians' Prof Amartya Sen 'Never has so much power been in the hands of so few in the UK'; BBC Today Programme. (Quangoes of Religiosity UK) And, 'Identity and Violence: The Violence of Illusion' 'The Proper (as in scientific) Structuralis(z)ed View of The World' E.Fromm or 'The Structural World-view' R.Dawkins. 'The Long Childhood' J.Bronowski. 'Clever Imbeciles of The Closed System' A.Koestler. BBC Today Programme. (Quangoes of Religiosity UK) 'The Proper (as in scientific) Structuralis(z)ed View of The World' E.Fromm or 'The Structural World-view' R.Dawkins. 'The Long Childhood' J.Bronowski. 'Clever Imbeciles of The Closed System' A.Koestler. Also, And, 'What Shall We Tell The Children'

2. "The modern purity-leaguer has no qualms about money-grubbing and gormandizing: his sole preoccupation is sexual licence, particularly in other people.'

3. The present (fed up): suspect and deeply flawed, inherent positions: the Right or Left (Party politics; nods and winks; old boy networks. Royalty - nationalism; Churches - superstitions, medieval traditions of Parliament, so on...). 'Infantile Situation GB'. In every primitive (anthropological anomie/anomy - anomic, bricoleurs or Bricolage - pre-logical) tribe we find the medicine man in the centre of society and it is easy to show that the medicine man (sometimes: a leader, politician, doctor, evangelist, priest... celebrity or royal, i.e., one who knows what is best for all others) is either a neurotic or a psychotic or at least that his art is based on the same mechanisms as a neurosis or a psychosis. Human groups are actuated by their group ideals, and these are always based on the infantile situation. The infancy situation is modified or inverted by the process of maturation, again modified by the necessary adjustment to reality, yet it is there and supplies those unseen libidinal ties without which no human groups could exist. The medicine men are the leaders in this infantile game and the lightning conductors of common anxiety. They fight the demons so that others can hunt the pray and in general fight reality.' Geza Roheim 'The Origin And Function Of Culture'. 'Identity and Violence: The Violence of Illusion' And, Amartya Sen 'GB's Power of the Guardians' 'Never has so much power been in the hands of so few' - Schools UK.

4. 'In general, important civilisations start with a rigid and superstitious system, gradually relaxed, and leading, at a certain stage to a period of brilliant genius, while the good of the old tradition remains and the evil inherent in its dissolution has not yet developed. But as the evil unfolds, it leads to anarchy, thence, inevitably, to a new tyranny, producing a new synthesis secured by a new system of dogma. The doctrine of liberalism is an attempt to escape from endless oscillation. The essence of liberalism is an attempt to secure a social order not based on irrational dogma, and insuring stability without involving more restraints than are necessary for the preservation of the community.' 'Whether this attempt can succeed only the future can determine'. Bertrand Russell 'The History of Western Philosophy'.

5. The Lib Dems attitude's to War (anti) (My three pet hates - ignorance, poverty, war - in any order or My four hates - Small talk, ignorance, certainty, and war. Daddy and Grandpa. 'Whenever you kill a human being you are killing a source of thought too. A human being is a collection of ideas, and these ideas take moral precedence over a society. Ideas are patterns of value.' Robert T. Pirsig. And, 'When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kind of dogmas or goals, it's always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt.'

5.1. Polly Toynbee of The British Humanist Association libdemsRT @willhowells *puts on nose peg* Polly Toynbee says vote Lib Dem in the Euro elections: *takes nose peg off*

5.1.1. War, and supporting the/your armed services. Violence is sometimes right! You criticize your government, and say that war never solves anything. He sees the innocent tortured and killed by their own people and remembers why he is fighting.

6. 'Like you, I disagree with some things that come from the European Union. But I'm sure we can agree that in these uncertain times families, communities and countries should work together to help each other. We also need to be strong, active members of the union to get a fair deal for Britain, rather than sitting on the sidelines and moaning.' Nick Clegg MP. See, 'Identity and Violence' Amartya Sen.

6.1. The Political Surrogate. Huxley. The Infantile Situation UK.

7. Lib Dem 'Mind Trees' - they could do with a subscription to mindmeister, if they would only listen to our forebears.

8. Libidinously Tied in the 'Infantile Situation' GB. It is the fundamentalists every where who confuse the symbolism of religion (requiring constant re-interpretation) with the certainties attributed to science, and who thereby, transpose symbols into a false certainty, seeking moral and spiritual refuge in a reversion to tenets and premises; long since bereft of any useful significance. In the contemplation of all this, one arrives at the disturbing conception that the destiny of the monotheistic religions may have reached its apogee (climax). By separating good from evil, Heaven from Hell, and Creation from Destruction (organically, continuous and simultaneous), together with the apparently insoluble dilemma of a good, omnipotent god being responsible for evil. Religions have unwittingly spelt out the basic premise for the progress of science. Yehudi Menuhin, article 1989. Philosophy: 100 million or more (infantile) deaths!A18BF3FCC5E126A2!2400.entry

9. Vulgaria Both the Right or Left and Britains attitudes towards children - the widening gap between the 'have and have nots'. In an The Age Of Stupid Britains Age Of Stupid-mess's and Silliness's. British Education Policy, UK. See, 'Identity and Violence' with Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen Global Crisis by 2030 'How could I look my (children) grandchildren in the eye and say I did nothing"? asks Sir David Attenborough. Experts predicting temperature rises throughout the century, entire ecosystems could be lost, and floods threaten. Attenborough speculates on these consequences of global warming and what we can do to avert them. Unsurprisingly, the onus is on all of us in the West to reduce our energy use.'

10. 'In The Infantile Situation' UK Parliament. 'The Closed System of Thought' and 'The (terrible - Jerusalem) Sadness' A.Koestler. 'The Purity Leaguer' Huxley.

11. Faith Schools & Church Schools UK. And Appalling Situation!

12. We all want (liberal) "revolutionary democracy". 'It can offer nothing to compare with the royal processions, the military parades, the music pregnant with associations, the flags, the innumerable emblems, by means of which patriotic sentiment can be worked up and the real presence of the motherland made manifest to every beholder. Huxley. Note: (because of this - within the present very unpredictable and 'infantile situation' GB). The principal job of any government, including the present weak and ineffective one; shown up by it's results and in the increase in popularity of the minor parties - with the particular extreme one - such as the BNP: the majority of its citizens' is to prevent it falling into the wrong hands'! BNP leader Nick Griffin has been pelted with eggs and forced to abandon a press conference outside Parliament.

13. “This is the chart that struck me most forcibly, both for what it tells us about the debts of the private sector, in particular the private finance sector; but also because of what the Treasury chose not to tell us: that the public debt to GDP ratio is tiny compared to private sector debt to GDP ratio.” ANN PETTIFOR, DIRECTOR OF PRIME ECONOMICS Why the economic policy of the Coalition Government UK, GB, (Con – Lib – pact) is based on ideological bigotry that is fueling inequality and great suffering to many