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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Humble

1.1. national rugby player

1.1.1. never mentions about it or says probably a back up national team player.

1.2. Went into the collapsed coal mine

1.2.1. help people escape

1.2.2. get the news he needs for his job

2. Adventurous

2.1. climbs up the tree for a map

2.1.1. discovers Ape-men

2.2. explores and finds the camp of Accala during the night alone

3. Good With People

3.1. his boss said so

3.2. can get along with Challenger

4. Moralistic

4.1. willing to admit his own mistakes

4.1.1. When thrown out by Challenger

5. Determined

5.1. willing to go on quest to gain Gladys

6. Unbiased

6.1. listens to Challenger's story

7. Diligent, works hard to give the best stories

8. Fear to be viewed as a Coward

9. Intelligent

9.1. figures out the map--way down

9.2. gives applauded good ideas throughout the quest

10. How does he change?

10.1. understands that love is not so simple

10.2. gains confidence throughout the quest

10.2.1. as he gains more confidence/arrogance as he gets praised more by Challenger

10.3. at the end of the novel, He begins to live for himself

10.3.1. pursues what he wants--go on the quest again

10.3.2. not driven by other people's view of him not to gain Gladys