Theme ideas for essay

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Theme ideas for essay by Mind Map: Theme ideas for essay

1. Frankenstein

1.1. Symbols

1.1.1. Light White light as Victor was dying

1.1.2. Fire "I am a blasted tree"

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. Victor Creator of Creature

1.2.2. Frankenstein Monster Wants companions but recieves none

1.3. Ideas

1.3.1. Dangerous knowledge

1.3.2. monstrosity

1.3.3. secrecy

2. Blade Runner

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Roy Companions are Zora, Leon, and Pris

2.1.2. Deckard Is accompanied at the end by Rachel

2.1.3. Eldon Tyrell Creator of All

2.2. Symbols

2.2.1. Eyes Eyes of Owl Eyes of replicants Eyes of Deckard

2.2.2. Photos Deckard's photos Leon's photos Photo of Zora

2.2.3. weather Constant Fire and rain

2.3. Ideas

2.3.1. Creator vs. Creation

2.3.2. Humanity Def: Quality of being a human being; benevolence, kindness, or mercy

3. Theme ideas

3.1. Finding where you belong

3.1.1. BR Both Roy and Deckard Rachel is no longer human

3.1.2. Frankie Creature doesn't fit in with any humans Asks Victor for Companion

3.2. Humanity without being human

3.2.1. BR Rachel shoots Leon to save Deckard Roy plays with the dove Deckard let's Rachel go

3.2.2. Frankie Creature helps cottagers stops taking food from cottagers Wants to let Victor go but can't

3.3. Facing own mortality

3.3.1. BR Replicants die after four years They aren't human, so do they have souls? No way of dealing with mortality

3.3.2. Frankie Monster will eventually die like everything else Like William and others Not human = no soul

4. Questions

4.1. What is killing?

4.1.1. Do you have to be human to be killed?

4.1.2. For humans it is like killing cattle

4.1.3. What constitutes a soul?

4.2. How to define Humanity

4.3. Are Rachel and Elizabeth Similar?

4.4. Roy + Deckard = Creature's good and bad side?

4.5. How are Victor and Eldon similar?

4.5.1. Both created things

4.5.2. Both consider them subhuman