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j &s by Mind Map: j &s

1. good shepherd

1.1. Service learning initiatvies

1.1.1. hot meal

1.1.2. Christmas store

2. eva rothwell

2.1. Service learning initiatives

2.1.1. placement learning hub, on site seminar

2.1.2. on site course delivery health lifestyles - CD program

2.1.3. Dulux day of painting

2.1.4. neighbour hood action plan integration

3. haldimand norfolk resouce center - connections to curriculum and MH

3.1. in class presentations on MH topics as they relate and interrelate with curriculum Mental Health and Poverty connection

3.2. ASIST Training

3.3. Facilitation of conversations regarding mental health issues such as suicide, implications for families

4. cmha

4.1. membership on community committee to coordinate care for children and youth

4.2. partnerships for speaker presentations

5. mission services

5.1. recovery awareness breakfast - table

6. wesley urban ministries

6.1. service learning initiatives

6.1.1. learning hub for placement group of 4

7. suicide prevention council

7.1. sucide awareness day walk and participation

8. mohawk disablethelabel

8.1. winter events anti stigma campaigns being developed

8.2. walk for wellness - sepetmber

9. mohawk access

9.1. promoting connections between college and community gaps in terms of access to education and awareness of pathways

9.1.1. facilitate interactive tours

9.1.2. advocate for follow up and awareness of trends

10. mohawk -student engagement pilot development re field practicum

10.1. proposal development and implementaton

10.1.1. community consultation

11. cd program mapping

11.1. matrix analysis, follow up, assessments

12. core collaborative initiative - community based education for shelter workers

12.1. workshops Oct 5 and 19 empowerment and documentation, development of blended learning materials on D2L

13. BLOG created by Janice on Tumbler http://cdatmohawkcollege.tumblr.com/ re:stigma

14. CBC Town Hall Meeting - Mental Health 101 student and faculty involvement - reflective assignmenthttp://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2012/10/16/hamilton-town-hall.html?cmp=rss

14.1. student reflection on reactions to webcast/town hall