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Creature by Mind Map: Creature

1. Physical Appearance

1.1. 8 feet tall, black hair

2. Personality

2.1. Observant

2.2. Humane

2.3. Lonely

2.3.1. Longs for a companion

3. Victor's Creation

3.1. Unatural

3.1.1. Abandoned No one to guide him in life, life's morals, what to do and what not to do

4. The De Lacy

4.1. Observes the lifestyle of a family

4.2. Safie

4.2.1. Learns to talk through Felix's French instruction to Safie

5. Connection to William and Justine Moritz

5.1. Revenge

5.1.1. Killed William (Directly) and Justine (Indirectly)

6. Nature

6.1. Finds solace in nature during Spring

6.1.1. Listens to the birds chirp

7. New node