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Creature by Mind Map: Creature

1. Victor's creation

1.1. Unnatural

1.1.1. Scary appearance 8 ft tall, deformed, yellow skin

2. Good or bad?

2.1. Good: helps out De Lacy family & little girl Bad: killed William due to anger of Frankenstein family

3. Justine

3.1. Sort of "framed" her by putting picture in her dress

4. Abandoned by Victor

4.1. Not accepted in society because of looks

4.1.1. Angry at Victor

5. De Lacy family

5.1. Helps them by collecting wood

5.1.1. Hides in their old coop Learns to read & speak by listening to Feliex's explanations to Safie New mode

5.2. Attempted to talk to Feliex's father, but failed

6. Lonely

6.1. Wants Victor to make a woman like him