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U.P. / Michigan by Mind Map: U.P. / Michigan

1. Legislation

1.1. Land Cap Bill SB 248

1.1.1. Bill Info

1.1.2. Approved with Immediate Effect 7/18/2012

1.1.3. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.1.4. Action Against Hunters and Anglers Pack the House to Oppose Unnecessary Land Cap Michigan United Conservation Club Trout Unlimited Pigeon River Country Association Quality Deer Management Association Michigan Conservation League of Voters Town Hall Meeting on YouTube

1.2. Senate Concurrent Resolution 0021

1.2.1. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.2.2. Adopted 12/15/2011

1.2.3. Bill Info

1.2.4. Trust Fund used to build logging and mining roads on state land

1.3. SB 822

1.3.1. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.3.2. Natural resources; funding; Michigan natural resources trust fund; modify allowable expenditures

1.3.3. As Introduced on 11/10/2011

1.4. SJR Q

1.4.1. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.4.2. Constitutional amendments; state; Michigan natural resources trust fund; modify allowable expenditures.

1.4.3. As Introduced on 11/10/2011

1.5. Senate Bill 1052

1.5.1. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.5.2. Natural resources; shorelands; beach grooming; allow under certain circumstances.

1.5.3. Allows for removal of shoreline vegetation without a permit, which has important consequences for aquatic invasive vegetation like phragmites Phragmite Control Saginaw Bay residents who are pushing this bill cite the spread of phragmites as the reason why the bill is needed; they want to be able to remove them without a permit. By allowing statewide removal without a permit, though, the bill could subject northern Michigan bays like the Grand Traverse and Little Traverse to the same problems that Saginaw Bay is facing due to well-intentioned but potentially misinformed property owners.

1.5.4. Approved with Immediate effect 7/18/2012

1.6. Senate Bill 1164

1.6.1. Sponsored by Sen. Thomas Casperson (R - Escanaba)

1.6.2. Referred to Committee on Trasportation 6/12/2012 Bill Analysis

1.6.3. Requires the DNR to allow gravel mining on state land for a county which requests it for use in county road projects and for the access road to the gravel pit.

2. Locations

2.1. Eagle Mine

2.1.1. Timeline

2.1.2. Info Overview PDF Seven year "production" plan Operations Start 2014 History Continued Exploration

2.1.3. Long hole stope mining used Stoping Previous Disasters 1893 Dolcoath Mine in Corwall Leaves ground hollow with supports(stulls)

2.1.4. Products 300million # Nickel 250million # Copper Other metals

2.1.5. Actions Protests Native American activists protest at Eagle Rock

2.2. County Road 595

2.2.1. Actions US Army Corp of Engineers objection to CR 595

2.2.2. Info Decision deadline delayed until Oct 1, 2012 Would Connect Eagle Mine to Humboldt Proposed Route

3. Rio Tinto

3.1. Products

3.1.1. Iron Ore

3.1.2. Bauxite

3.1.3. Alumina

3.1.4. Aluminum

3.1.5. Copper (mined)

3.1.6. Copper (refined)

3.1.7. Molybdenum

3.1.8. Gold

3.1.9. Diamonds

3.1.10. Coal

3.1.11. Uranium

3.1.12. Titanium Dioxide

3.1.13. Borates

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. Bad PR Bribery in China More info at Execs admit to taking bribes General bad PR Bad Reputation Concerns Bad practices in industry

3.2.2. Environmental

3.2.3. Labour and human rights

3.3. The Powers Controlling

3.3.1. Ownership

3.3.2. Management Executive Jan du Pleissis, Chairman, Exec Tom Albanese, Chief Exec Guy Elliott, Chief Economy Director Non-Exec Sir David Clementi Vivienne Cox Sir Rod Eddington Michael Fitzpatrick Yves Fortier Richard Goodmanson Andrew Gould The Lord Kerr of Kinlochard David Mayhew Paul Tellier

3.4. Financial

3.5. History

3.6. General Info

3.6.1. Tax Money How much and goes where?

3.7. Subsidaries

3.7.1. Anglesey Aluminum

3.7.2. Argyle Diamonds

3.7.3. Bell Bay Smelter

3.7.4. Bougainville Copper

3.7.5. Rio Tinto Borax

3.7.6. Coal and Allied Industries

3.7.7. Corumbá (mine)

3.7.8. Dampier Salt

3.7.9. Diavik Diamond Mines

3.7.10. Energy Resources of Australia

3.7.11. Minera Escondida

3.7.12. Grasberg Joint Ventrue

3.7.13. Hamersley Iron (Pilbara Iron)

3.7.14. HISmelt

3.7.15. Iron Ore Company of Canada

3.7.16. Kennecott Land

3.7.17. Kennecott Minerals Corpoation Eagle mine project Primary Products Gold Silver Info Address Phone Fax Execs

3.7.18. Kennecott Utah Copper

3.7.19. Luzenac Group

3.7.20. Murowa

3.7.21. Northparkes

3.7.22. Palabora

3.7.23. QIT-Fer et Titane Sorel

3.7.24. QIT Madagascar Minerals

3.7.25. Resolution Copper

3.7.26. Richards Bay Minerals

3.7.27. Rio Tinto Alcan

3.7.28. Rio Tinto Coal Australia

3.7.29. Rio Tinto Energy America

3.7.30. Robe River (Pilbara Iron)

3.7.31. Rössing Uranium Mine

3.7.32. Simandou

3.7.33. Three Springs Mine

3.7.34. Hathor Exploration Ltd.