Task One What are the conventions of a film trailer?

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Task One What are the conventions of a film trailer? by Mind Map: Task One What are the conventions of a film trailer?

1. Voice overs and subtitles are used usually to give the audience a little bit of background information about the setting/character/any important information relevant to the movie and understanding it.

1.1. They are usually used to create a particular emotion with the audience. For example, a Horror about a kidnapping may include a subtitle giving a shocking fact about kidnapping which builds up the storyline and tension, Giving these subtitles would also play a part in the audience determining whether or not they would like to watch the film.

2. Key moments of the film

2.1. Obviously, key parts of the film would be shown in order to catch the audiences attention and give them an idea of what to expect during the course of the film. Showing an audience the most exciting parts of the film would motivate and excite an audience to see the film. The most important parts are not shown as that would give too much of the film away and make it not worth watching. Usually key moments in the trailer are not actually used in the film and other similar shots are used. It is very important when constructing a film trailer not to give too much away and sometimes producers fail and do that.

3. The title of the film isnt usually shown until the end

3.1. The film title isnt given until the very end of the film trailer so the audience can fully engage with whats happening, the trailer will hopefully grab the audiences attention and make them want to watch the whole of the trailer as they want to know what the film is called. This builds up the audience and makes them excited about the film.

4. An establishing shot is usually used

4.1. Establishing shots are often used at the beginning of film trailers so the audience can instantly recognise where the film is set, what type of film it is going to be, they can instantly use their imagination and brainstorm stereotypical aspects that may link to the film, which will help determine whether or not it is "their type of film".

5. the main characters are introduced

5.1. The main characters are usually introduced in the film trailer repetitively so the audience can identify who they actually are (before they watch the film), whether they like them or not, if we should sympathise with them or not and so we can get to know their personality a little.

5.1.1. For example the film may be about a couple in love so the main two characters would be a female and a man. in the film trailer their relationship and personalities would be briefly introduced linking into the story line.

6. the general setting/storyline of the film is introduced

6.1. The general setting and story line of the film is introduced in the film trailer to show an audience what the film is about. Just enough information will be given to inform them of the genre and basic story line yet just enough will be left unsaid to keep an audience interested in what the film has to offer, making them want to watch the film to find out what actually happens.

7. voice overs and subtitles are used

8. Music plays an important part in grabbing the target audience

8.1. Music is very important when it comes to film trailers, it will link into the mood, setting and characters making an audience really connect with whats happening and make them feel more involved with the film. The music usually changes a lot to link with the scenes being shown.

8.1.1. For example if there is a car chase the music will be up beat, loud and fast making an audience feel the tension between the drivers and put the audience on edge as to what will happen next.