Course Org Chart

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Course Org Chart by Mind Map: Course Org Chart

1. Alumni Program

1.1. Planning the experience

1.2. Set expectations upfront with students that it's a multi-year journey

1.3. Clients On Demand has a monthly

2. Milestone Tracker

2.1. Planner

2.1.1. Create specs Track Milestones The system notices a milestone of feedback loop People check off box Take Action Post in community Post in the Blockbuster Facebook Group Post in social media Notify Seminal team Give a badge Virality After people submit, they're taken to a page where they could customize a social media post that would have the hashtags similar to Ship30For30. Before & After

2.1.2. Think through the system Identify miletones Sequence them

2.2. Developer

2.3. Designer (Camille)

3. Community Support (Michael)

3.1. Read posts across various groups: students & Facebook

3.2. Manage spam posts and comments

3.3. Manage new pending posts in groups

3.4. Respond to comments

3.5. Relay feedback from posts to team to inform marketing and curriculum

3.6. Planning

3.6.1. Set clear expectations of how Michael is involved in posts

4. Curriculum (Michael)

4.1. Research

4.1.1. Self

4.1.2. Market

4.1.3. Academic

4.1.4. PKM

4.2. Four Fits

4.3. Platforms

4.3.1. LinkedIn

4.3.2. Facebook

4.3.3. Medium

4.4. Value Hooks

4.4.1. Ideas


4.4.3. Titles Jessica Stillman

4.4.4. Visuals Jessica Hagy Testing Hana Abello

5. Teacher Management

5.1. Identify multiple teachers for each topic

5.2. Reach and out and cultivate relationships

5.3. Develop them over time


6.1. Idea


6.3. Titles

6.4. Visuals

7. Usability (Jelena)

7.1. Worksheets

7.2. Recordings

7.3. Resources

7.4. Workflow

7.5. Templates

7.6. Slides

8. Branding (Camille)

8.1. Rebrand everything under blockbuster

8.2. Get clear on all of the value points