Weather- Physics

How does a rainbow arise? Why is it raining? How does a thunderstorm form? This map will bring you closer the phenomena of weather related to physics.

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Weather- Physics by Mind Map: Weather- Physics

1. Hot air balloon, Rainbow, Rain

1.1. Hot air balloon

1.1.1. To see how an hot air balloon work click that link 3 main parts The Envelope The Burner The Basket

1.2. Rainbow

1.2.1. Rain, mist, waterfalls, dew on grass, and lawn sprinklers make rainbows

1.2.2. Optical and meteorological phenomenon

1.3. Rain

1.3.1. Water droplets form from warm air .....and then cools....

1.3.2. Highest average - South America

2. Vulcan, Thunderstorm, Tornado

2.1. Thunderstorms

2.1.1. With this short "You Tube" video you will find an exact and professional explanation:

2.2. Vulcan

2.2.1. Magma Rock hot molten under the Earth's surface

2.2.2. Locations Between tectonic plate boundaries Such as

2.2.3. Some volcanic eruptions are explosive some are not

2.3. Tornado