Web Workshop 7/24/2012

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Web Workshop 7/24/2012 by Mind Map: Web Workshop  7/24/2012

1. Google's Five Common Mistakes

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3. Next Week's Call

3.1. Contest Marketing

3.1.1. Why Local Businesses Need to Build Lists

3.1.2. How Contests Can Help Build Lists

4. Chain Reaction Marketing Machine In Plain English

5. Social Signals

5.1. Social Signals Explained Infographic

5.2. Social Signals Explained

5.3. 10 Reasons To Care About Social Signals

6. Dole Banana Marketing

7. Welcome

7.1. Register For Future Workshops

7.1.1. Free Weekly Workshops

7.1.2. Unique Concepts

7.1.3. Boiled Down To Plain English

7.1.4. 30-minutes or less

7.1.5. No Selling - Pure Content

7.1.6. Guest Experts

7.1.7. Local & Global

7.1.8. Mobile - Online - Offline

7.2. This Week's Goal

7.2.1. Introduce Social Signals

7.2.2. Chain Reaction Marketing Machine

7.2.3. Real World Example

8. This Week's Actions

8.1. Check Out The Resources

8.2. Watch Google Expert Video

8.3. Share on FB

8.4. Watch for Launch of CFE Contest

9. For More Information

10. Join Us On The Next FREE Web Workshop