Scott's Wall of Perspective

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Scott's Wall of Perspective by Mind Map: Scott's Wall of Perspective

1. Early Adulthood

1.1. Closing first business - getting a corporate job

1.2. Marriage

1.3. Mainframe Network Systems programmer

1.4. Building a Satellite TV system

1.5. Designing and installing a solar/generator backup power system

1.6. planning/overseeing construction of our home

1.7. Watching New Yankee Workshop and learning woodworking

1.8. Building various woodworking projects in my basement shop

1.9. Learning carpentry and building an outdoor storage shed

1.10. Serving on various administrative boards, councils, and/or elder boards of the churches we attended, including chairman of the Elder board at our current church

2. Calling

2.1. $100M in the Bank - Now What?

2.1.1. Build software that help others in meaningful ways

2.1.2. Build woodworking project that help others

2.1.3. Become involved in providing clean water/basic necessities for others

2.1.4. Teach Sunday School and give an occasional message

2.1.5. Write about purpose and meaning in life

2.1.6. Teach others how to find purpose and meaning in their life

2.1.7. Enjoy the outdoors as long as possible through hunting and fishing

2.2. Reflections on Ancestors

2.2.1. Jonathan Reber (great grandfather): builder, businessman, preacher

2.2.2. Norman Reber (grand uncle): teacher, historian, writer

2.2.3. Adam Reber (grandfather): carpenter/woodworker, farmer

2.2.4. Wayne Reber (uncle): teacher, thinker, philosopher, diplomat, historian

2.2.5. Paul Reber (uncle): carpenter, builder, businessman, churchman

2.2.6. Dorothy (Reber) Kantner (mom): teacher, love of history

2.2.7. Paul Kantner (father): businessman

2.3. Grabs my Interest

2.3.1. Software

2.3.2. Woodworking

2.3.3. History

2.3.4. Apologetics

2.3.5. Shallowness, falseness, meaninglessness in an unfocused life

2.4. Think/Read/Listen/Talk about

2.4.1. software and related technology

2.4.2. furniture building/woodworking TV and magazines

2.4.3. History: ancient, US, and the Reading Railroad

2.4.4. Sound investing

2.5. Carries Profound weight

2.5.1. This generation not getting the truth

2.5.2. The wasted potential of mobile technology

2.5.3. The temporary nature of hard work

2.5.4. People who have a need, but can't help themselves

2.6. What Cries out

2.6.1. People need to know the truth about themselves their worldview

2.6.2. mobile technology needs to be used to help people, not dull their minds

2.6.3. Hard work needs to have lasting impact

2.7. The Glory

2.7.1. The glory of my life is to build for others what they can't build for themselves, and to help them understand truth they do not know


3.1. Precisionist

3.2. Very High C

3.3. High S

3.4. Tiny bit of D

3.5. Very small I

4. StrengthFinder

4.1. Achiever

4.2. Intellection

4.3. Learner

4.4. Harmony

4.5. Relator

5. Turning Points

5.1. Asking to learn the piano

5.2. 8th grade wood-shop

5.3. Getting a TRS-80 computer

5.4. Choosing Lehigh University

5.5. Changing majors to CompSci

5.6. My Dad's passing

5.7. Closing my first business

5.8. Getting married

5.9. Meridian bank merger with Corestates

5.10. Searching for "God's will" via Dr Stanley and Dr. Jeremiah audio tapes

5.11. Help to start a new business (DSS)

5.12. Realizing I was a stockholder, not a partner

5.13. Building significant software systems

5.14. Building a hosting/colocation data center

5.15. Publishing first iPhone app

5.16. Realizing that DSS was not going to work out

6. Life Story

6.1. Early Childhood

6.1.1. Building with blocks in kindergarten

6.1.2. Asking to learn the piano

6.2. Grade School

6.2.1. Meeting my best friend

6.2.2. Fascination with control panels and the space program

6.2.3. Building forts and dams in the woods

6.2.4. Going for hikes in the mountains

6.2.5. Church camp and being saved

6.2.6. "Roadside America"

6.2.7. Hanging out at my Dad's businesses

6.2.8. Sitting with Dad on a backhoe digging trenches

6.2.9. Building things in the sand at the beach

6.2.10. My DAd taking me to watch the evening train come by our town

6.2.11. Building "bamboo" huts out of newspaper

6.2.12. Star Trek - original series

6.2.13. Building with Erector set, Legos, Lincoln logs, Tog'l blocks

6.2.14. Sears Overhead Toy Crane

6.2.15. Playing with Marx and Bachman trains

6.2.16. Iceskating and ice hockey on the local pond and canals

6.3. High School

6.3.1. Shooting first small game animal

6.3.2. Deer hunting with my uncle

6.3.3. Small game hunting with my uncles

6.3.4. Learning to program in BASIC

6.3.5. Tinkering with computer hardware

6.3.6. Working at the local golf course

6.3.7. Building my model railroad

6.3.8. Shoveling snow for model train money

6.3.9. Traveling to Spain and Tangiers

6.3.10. Playing clarinet and saxophone in band

6.3.11. Piano accompanist for chorus and church events

6.3.12. Learning to play the organ and playing in church

6.3.13. Playing hymns in Sunday School

6.3.14. Writing and publishing a newsletter

6.3.15. Wood, metal and plastics shop classes

6.3.16. Serving in leadership positions in various groups

6.4. College

6.4.1. Meeting a key friend

6.4.2. Programming the DEC 2060 for fun

6.4.3. Reading History and Literature in the University library

6.4.4. Learning programming languages

6.4.5. Learning discipline of Computer Science

6.4.6. Doing small programming jobs for hire

6.4.7. First person on campus with word processor

6.4.8. Gaining a love for history and architecture

6.5. Adulthood

6.5.1. Helping to starting DSS (current day JOB)

6.5.2. Learning how to run a tech biz, dealing with distributors, engineering firms, contractors, communications carriers, and managing employees

6.5.3. Teaching adult Sunday School

6.5.4. Writing and delivering sermons on occassion

6.5.5. Receiving the invitation to become a church elder

6.5.6. Learning to manage people (and not liking it)

6.5.7. Learning new programming languages and building software systems as my job allowed

6.5.8. Learning the "road warrior" life of a traveling consultant

6.5.9. Learning the Apple iPhone SDK, building, and publishing two music-related apps. Getting that first 5-star rating from a non-family member

7. Exhilarating Moments

7.1. The birth of each son (3)

7.2. Snow and water skiing

7.3. Flying (as a passenger, though I'd love to learn to be a pilot)

7.4. Getting a call from David Jeremiah

7.5. Shooting the various white tail deer I've hunted

7.6. Stumbling across a group of 5 bear in spring turkey season

7.7. Having that first turkey respond to my calling

7.8. High-speed amusement park rides

7.9. Solving difficult technical challenges in software

7.10. The moment when an extremely complex technical project comes alive for the first time

8. Painful Moments

8.1. Losing my Dad

8.2. Parting ways with my childhood best friend

8.3. Learning that the bank I worked for didn't really care about how hard I worked. It was all about who could do it cheapest

8.4. Discovering I had been misled by the owner of a business I helped start

9. Stories I Tell

9.1. Mowing the greens on my summer job at the golf course

9.2. Building DSM - a server/network systems management application

9.3. Building a data center

9.4. Being in business for myself right out of college

9.5. How Meridian Bank kicked out the IT dept I was part of

9.6. Building my own woodworking bench

9.7. Installing a generator/battery/solar power system

10. Stories Others Tell About Me

10.1. He's really good with computers

10.2. He play piano with such feeling

10.3. We needed him to play...and it sounded just like...

10.4. He's a good teacher; explains things well

10.5. He's always reading something

10.6. We writes very well

10.7. He educated me about...

10.8. I can't believe how broad AND deep his technical knowledge is...

10.9. I still can't believe he actually put up that satellite dish (in the days of 12ft diameter systems)

10.10. How I could often find a particular page in large technical manuals on the first try

11. Memories of Significant People

11.1. Exploring the woods and building things with my best friend

11.2. My college history professors who taught me how to think critically and do solid research. They also inspired a love for history.

11.3. My father - His entreprenuerial spirit inspired my own. His prowess with tools lead to my own interest in building and fixing things.

11.4. Bob - My father helped him start a business. Bob in turn helped me start my first business right out of college

11.5. Corey - my first manager in the corporate world. I learned firsthand the difference between a visionary and a builder. He was the former, I was the latter.

11.6. Paul - another manager in corporate world. He taught me the value of taking time every day to read, research, and stay current on technology

12. Top Ten Verbs

12.1. Learning

12.2. Building

12.3. Realize

12.4. Programming

12.5. Writing

12.6. Teaching

12.7. Discovering

12.8. Reading

12.9. Working

12.10. Thinking

13. Top Ten Nouns

13.1. Business

13.2. Software

13.3. Technology

13.4. History

13.5. Computers

13.6. Projects

13.7. Music

13.8. Church

13.9. Purpose

13.10. Projects