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Twitter by Mind Map: Twitter

1. Useful?

1.1. For educational purposes maybe

1.2. Time consuming and addicting

1.3. Better to write in classrooms

1.4. For me facebook is enough to know other peoples daily routines

1.5. For job hunting

1.5.1. You can follow a place to see if there is anything open or just follow and see if the company or organization really interests you

2. Time consuming

2.1. Not so easy to use

3. I can search for the news and information I want from the actual webpage

4. Not for me, but understand that some people like it

4.1. I like the old way of writing on a paper, although this has its benefits as the information can not be destroyed or lost too easily

4.2. Some people it helps to belong to a community - belong to somewhere

5. Uniting in a way, but we should see each other in real life and not always in the cyber one

6. You might get your word out globally

6.1. Not everyone follows

6.2. Need to reach the targeted followers

6.3. Mass communication

7. I followed marketing and advertising publications, peruvian news and some music news as for freetime information

7.1. The peruvian place tweeted the most, almost every news heading was published in twitter

7.2. M&M did not publish as much information in twitter and I think for me it is more interesting to follow their own website than wait for twitter

7.3. The music and other freetime news tweeted every now and then and the tweets were not that interesting