AT referral

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AT referral by Mind Map: AT referral

1. Perform an assessment for Assistive Technology

1.1. Observations are completed in many enviroments in order to have as much information as possible about performance in a variety of settings

1.1.1. Formal assessments are completed. Specific assessments are administered to gather about student performance through direct or inferential methods.

1.1.2. Written reports is created to sum up the results of the overall assessment process.

1.2. Interviews with parents, teachers and other professionals working with the student are conducted when appropriate, students themselves are also interviewed.

2. IEP team is formed to make recommendations

2.1. The members of the IEP team meet and discuss their individual observations and the overall written report submitted by the AT specialist. The members work together to determine the best devices for each individual student and that student's needs.

2.2. If possible trials are performed before puchasing expensive high tech items. This can be accomplished through rental programs, trial time periods before purchasing or finding second hand items for use on a temporary basis.

3. A parent/guardian can make a written request to the school district asking for this service. In this request, one may wish to ask for (1) a written plan consisting of goals for the student and strategies to reach those goals using assistive technology, and (2) evaluation of a specific technology to determine its effectiveness for the particular student. The school is legally obligated to respond to this request, although they are not required to give it their automatic approval.

3.1. Materials

3.2. People

3.3. Facilities

4. Implementation of the AT program is started. The AT is obtained......Training is provided for all stakeholders including the students, teachers and school personnel, parents or family members of a student's support network.