Ming's IT Portfolio

This is my IT skill set, I am Smart Ondemand Web2.0 mainframe system programmer based at Asia. Interested in me? Email to [email protected]

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Ming's IT Portfolio by Mind Map: Ming's IT Portfolio

1. Web

1.1. Enterprise 2.0

1.1.1. IBM Lotus Connection Notes WebSphere Cattail(file share) w4/Fringe Wiki Spectacular!(reader) Beehive(sns) DeveloperWorks

1.1.2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Exchange

1.1.3. Google Apps

1.2. Consumer

1.2.1. Google Gmail Reader Doc AdSense Gtalk Picasa G+ Site ......

1.2.2. Yahoo(dead)

1.2.3. Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Skydrive Writer

1.2.4. Apple Store

1.3. Trend

1.3.1. Web 2.0 Blog Blogger WordPress SNS Facebook MySpace(dead) Renren Weibo(new) Collaboration Youtube Twitter Douban Flickr Wiki del.icio.us RSS LastFM

1.3.2. Web 3.0 Symantec

1.3.3. Mobile IOS Android Blackberry(dead)

1.4. Technology

1.4.1. PHP

1.4.2. XML

1.4.3. MySQL

1.4.4. Java

1.4.5. AJAX

1.4.6. Flex

1.4.7. .NET

1.4.8. Ruby/Python

2. Mainframe

2.1. System Programming

2.1.1. Basic ISPF JCL MVS/TSO command REXX/CLIST SAS/Easytrieve*

2.1.2. z/OS Customization IPLPARM PARMLIB PROCLIB Paging DS Coupling DS USS Image Clone Migrate Catalog SMS SMP/E OS/PP Maintenance Product Install OS/PP USERMOD&EXIT IPL Startup Shutdown HMC MIPS/Memory allocation POR I/O Config IODF IOCDS JES2 JES2 parm SPOOL CKP OFFLOAD NJE Parallel Sysplex Trouble shooting Problem determination Outage recovery Data collection DUMP Analysis*

2.1.3. z/VM CP DASD Operation Other CMS XEDIT File command RACF CMS User/Guest OS CP Directory Clone z/OS IPL Guest OS

2.1.4. Network SNA/VTAM Subarea APPN TCP/IP FTP/Telnet NCP* CTC

2.1.5. Performance Management WLM Capping Omegamon XE RMF Capacity Planning

2.1.6. ISV Software CA CA90S ACF2 SYSVIEW CA 1* ESP Workload Manager Solve: Operation Solve: Netmaster Panvalet Endevor Dispatch IDMS Easytrieve BMC Control M ASG JCLprep Teradata DBC

2.1.7. Storage DFSMS dfp dss hsm* EMC* EMCCGRP Timefinder SRDF Oracle VSM* SMC HSC ExLM

2.1.8. DB2 System DBA Ongoing

2.1.9. AS400/DBC

2.2. Application Programming

2.2.1. COBOL

2.2.2. PL/I

2.2.3. DB2

2.2.4. IMS DB TM

2.2.5. CICS

3. Cloud Computing

3.1. Amazon

3.1.1. EC2

3.2. IBM

3.2.1. Smart Cloud

3.3. Google

3.3.1. AppEngine

3.4. Microsoft

3.4.1. Azure

3.5. Apple

3.5.1. iCloud

4. Summary

4.1. A stable personality and high sense of responsibility

4.2. Ambitious attitude essential, highly-motivated

4.3. Excellent ability of systematical management and analytical capability

4.4. Independent,mature and resourceful

4.5. Work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force

5. New node