Formal / non-formal education

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Formal / non-formal education by Mind Map: Formal / non-formal education

1. Why

1.1. Formal education system = out of date

1.1.1. Formal education methods Lectures Poorly constructed PBL Poor assessment strategy focused too much on memorization

1.1.2. Non formal education methods engaging interactive flexible learning by doing multisensory Multi disciplinary

1.2. Lots of knowledge no skills

2. What

2.1. Event

2.2. Half Training

2.2.1. Agenda = participant driven Agenda is set w participants

2.3. Half OST

2.3.1. Focused on implementation

3. How

3.1. Can it be done together w Trainersforum

3.1.1. Trainersforum w a theme

3.1.2. Parallel to Trainersforum

3.2. Target audience

3.2.1. Skills trainers starting professional life

3.2.2. Young teachers

3.2.3. PhD students

3.2.4. Basically anyone engaged/planning to be engaged in education

3.3. Size

3.4. Duration

3.4.1. Friday arrival, Saturday, Sunday until lunch

3.5. Preparation phase

4. New node