Big issues in member of the wedding in relation to the context identity and belonging

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Big issues in member of the wedding in relation to the context identity and belonging by Mind Map: Big issues in member of the wedding in relation to the context identity and belonging

1. Community and society: Community and the society helps us to bring meaning to our lives. Working and playing with our fellow human beings is what brings the most meaning to our lives. Communities and the society help us also belong to a group and be part of something that we seem to like to do. In relation to the novel ''member of the wedding'' we see that Frankie is struggling and ants to find out which community and society that she can be part of in order for her to find which group that she can belong to.

1.1. T.T. Williams - Berenice's latest beau, who is well off and works in a restaurant. He and Berenice eventually agree to marry.

1.2. Aunt Pet and Uncle Ustace - At the end of the novella, Frankie and her father get ready to move into a suburb house with Aunt Pet and Uncle Ustace.

1.3. Frankie who is lonely and has no where to belong to, get the great news that her older brother is getting married soon, as she imagines that this moment will help her to identify which group she can belong to or be part of.

1.3.1. Frankie doesnt want to hang around with big girls because they are too big for her and she is mean and on the other hand Frankie doesn't want to hang or be part of the little children who are her age or younger because she is too mature for what they do so for that reason she wants to find for herself something bigger and better that she can be part of.

1.3.2. Frankie also at the beginning dresses different to the girls in the town and more likely dresses like a boy. Later Frankie wants to be part of teh society and what they do so she buys herself a dresses (white) and cuts her hair by herself. Our community and society we live in changes us to , makes us to do what others do and we know that what we wear, who we hang around with identifies which certain group we are part of or belong to therefore our community and society has big influence in our lives time to time.

2. Family!!! Family is a very important aspect of our lives without it we wouldnt feel the need of sense of belonging to somewhere in our lives. in relation to the context ''identity and belonging '' family is one of the big ideas that has been discussed highly , on the other hand the novel ''The member of the wedding'' we see how Frankie communicate and have connections with her family and that kind of give her a sense of belonging to somewhere even though we know that she wants to belong to a bigger and better groups in her life.

2.1. Berenice

2.1.1. Maid in the house of Frankie

2.1.2. She is like a mother to Frankie where she cares and looks after Frankie.

2.1.3. Ludie Freeman - Berenice's first husband, who died in 1931, at the same time when Frankie was born. Big Mama- Berenice's mother who is a fortune teller

2.2. John Henry West

2.2.1. Frankie’s young cousin, who spends time with Frankie and Berenice in the Addams’ kitchen. He dies of meningitis.

2.2.2. Jarvis AddamsFrankie’s brother who has been living in Alaska and is returning to marry a woman from Winter Hill.

2.2.3. Janice Evans - Jarvis’s fiancee.

2.3. John

2.3.1. Berenice’s foster brother.

2.3.2. Clorina -John’s wife. Berenice was initially jealous of her, but came to love her Frankie's mother has passed away while she was young and her mother did not influence Frankie's childhood or life Frankie's dad is a jeweller who has no much time to spend with his daugher frankie, he works at night and sometimes leaves the town and dont came home for few days ...

3. Friends friends are very important in our lives, whether we are young or old we always love to have friends, we love having friends who love us for who we are or what we seem to do in our lives. in relation to the context ''identity and belonging'' friends are the main and big ideas of belonging to a group or somewhere that we all love to be involved in. In member of the wedding we see at the beginning that Frankie( main character) has no friends but she hangs around with Berenice and her little cousin , later soon Frankie relizes that friends are very imporant and she then makes a frineds in her own way. at the end friends are very important aspect in our lives and they help us identify who we are and which group we belong to.

3.1. Evelyn Owen - Frankie's only friend until she moved away to Florida, leaving Frankie alone.

3.1.1. Mary Littlejohn - Becomes a new friend to Frankie shortly after the main events of the novella.

3.2. Soldier - The Soldier, who is never given a name, is in town on leave for three days. He is a sullen, quiet type who seems to have one thing on his mind: sex. He really isnt her friend but i would put him in this category

3.3. Barney MacKean - He ones tried to kiss her but Frankie could not understand the reason behind all this and she was afraid of sex.

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5. Qoutes used in the Member of the wedding...

5.1. They are the we of me. Frankie says this to herself as a revelation at the end of Part One when she has gone outside of the house after supper. The "they" in this case is Jarvis and Janice. Frankie has been thinking about the phenomenon that the betrothed couple is together in Winter Hill, while she is separate from them, alone at home.

5.2. Yet at the same time you almost might use the word loose instead of caught.

6. On the waterfront

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