Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Arctic Caucus: Directory

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Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Arctic Caucus: Directory by Mind Map: Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Arctic Caucus: Directory

1. United States

1.1. Government

1.1.1. Alaskan Delegation Senator Lisa Murkowski Senator Mark Begich Representative Don Young

1.1.2. POTUS Department of Defense Northern Command US Navy US Army US Air Force Department of Homeland Security Coast Guard Department of State Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Department of the Interior US Geological Survey US Fish and Wildlife Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) National Park Service Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Indian Affairs Department of Energy National Energy Technology Lab Department of Agriculture US Forest Service

1.1.3. Congressional US Arctic Research Commission Environmental Protection Agency Alaska Operations Office National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs Denali Commission US Global Change Research Program

1.2. Industry

1.2.1. Oil and Gas

1.2.2. Environment Pacific Environmental Corporation Pew Environmental Group

1.3. Non-Profit

1.3.1. Marine Conservation Alliance

1.3.2. Oceana

1.4. Academics

1.4.1. Ohio State: Byrd Polar Research Center

1.4.2. U of Colorado: National Snow and Ice Data Center

1.4.3. The American Polar Society

2. Canada

2.1. Government

2.1.1. Executive Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Indian Oil and Gas Canadian Polar Commission Link to Northern Research Facilities Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Circumpolar Affairs Division Continental Shelf Division Oceans and Environmental Law Division Defense and Security Relations Canadian International Centre for the Arctic Region (Oslo, Norway) Department of Natural Resources Canadian Forest Service Minerals and Metals Sector Polar Continental Shelf Project Geologic Survey of Canada Office of Energy Efficiency Department of the Environment Canadian Ice Service Environmental Protection Review Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canadian Coast Guard Department of Industry Department of Infrastructure Department of Finance Canadian Development Investment Corporation Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency Department of National Defense and the Canadian Forces Canadian Air Force Canadian Army Canadian Navy National Search and Rescue Secretariat Canada Command Transport Canada Marine Services On-Line Export Development Canada Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Pacific and Yukon Office Alberta and Northwest Office Canadian International Development Agency Department of Indian and Northern Affairs

2.1.2. Parliament Yukon Delegation Senator Daniel Lang Ryan Leef Northwest Territories Delegation Senator Nick G. Sibbeston Dennis Bevington

2.1.3. Consulate-Dennis Stevens

2.2. Non-Profit

2.2.1. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

2.2.2. CropLife Canada

2.2.3. Canadian Boreal Initiative

2.2.4. ArcticNet Inc.

2.3. Academics

2.3.1. University of Calgary Arctic Institute of North America

2.3.2. University of Alberta Canadian Circumpolar Institute

2.4. Industry

2.4.1. Oil and Gas Cenovous Energy Devon Energy Enbridge Capital Power Fortis BC Canadian Natural Imperial Oil

2.4.2. Communications Northwestel

3. Regional

3.1. Governance

3.1.1. Pacific Northwest Economic Region Arctic Caucus

3.1.2. The Arctic Council

3.1.3. North American Free Trade Agreement North American Agreement of Environmental Cooperation

3.1.4. The Northern Forum

3.2. Research

3.2.1. North Pacific Research Board

3.2.2. Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center

3.3. Industry

3.3.1. Oil and Gas Shell Statoil BP Exxon ConocoPhilips Marathon Oil Co. Apache

3.3.2. Rise Group LLC

3.4. Non-Profit

3.4.1. Winter Cities Institute

3.4.2. Gwich'in Council International

3.4.3. Inuit Circumpolar Council

3.4.4. Arctic Athabaskan Council

3.4.5. World Wildlife Foundation

3.4.6. ARCUS

4. Alaska

4.1. Non-Profit

4.1.1. Renewable Energy Project of Alaska

4.1.2. Alaska Ocean Observing System

4.1.3. Alaska SeaLife Center

4.1.4. Institute of the North

4.1.5. Bering Sea Fisherman's Association

4.1.6. Nature Conservancy

4.1.7. Alaska World Affairs Council

4.1.8. Alaska Chamber of Commerce

4.2. Academics

4.2.1. University of Alaska, Fairbanks Geophysical Institute Alaska Satellite Facility Institute of Northern Engineering International Arctic Research Center Institute of Arctic Biology

4.3. Industry

4.3.1. Oil and Gas Pioneer Natural Resources

4.3.2. Business Anchorage Economic Development Corporation World Trade Center Alaska

4.3.3. Mining Usibelli Coal Mining Pebble Partnership Red Dog Mine

4.3.4. Space Alaska Aerospace Corporation

4.4. Government

4.4.1. Executive Department of Natural Resources Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys Department of Environmental Conservation Department of Fish and Game Alaska Energy Authority Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority Alaska Center for Energy and Power Office of International Trade Office of the Governor Office of the Lt. Governor

4.4.2. Legislature

4.4.3. Judiciary Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Comission

4.5. Regional Corporations

4.5.1. Afognak Native Corporation

4.5.2. Ahtna Regional Corporation

4.5.3. Aluet Corporation

4.5.4. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

4.5.5. Bering Straits Native Corporation

4.5.6. Calista Regional Corporation

4.5.7. Chugach Alaska Corporation

4.5.8. Cook Inlet Tribal Council

4.5.9. Doyon Ltd

4.5.10. Koniag Incorporated

4.5.11. NANA Regional Corporation

4.5.12. Sealaska Corporation

5. Yukon

5.1. Government

5.1.1. Premier Darrell Pasloski

5.1.2. Departments Economic Development Energy, Mines and Resources Agriculture Assessment and Abandoned Mines Energy Policy and Programs Energy Solutions Center Forest Management Geological Survey Land Management Land Planning Mining Oil and Gas Resources Environment Climate Change Secretariat Environmental Programs Fish and Wildlife Water Resources

5.1.3. Corporations Yukon Energy Corporation Yukon Development Corporations

5.2. Non-Profit

5.2.1. Chamber of Commerce

5.3. Academics

5.4. Industry

5.4.1. Air North, Yukon

6. Northwest Territories

6.1. Government

6.1.1. Premier Bob McLeod

6.1.2. Departments Aboriginal Affair and Intergovernmental Affairs Environment and Natural Resources Finance

6.1.3. The Mackenzie Valley Petroleum Planning Office

6.1.4. Northwest Territories Geoscience Office

6.1.5. Agencies NWT Business Development & Investment Corporation NWT Power Corporation

6.2. Non-Profit

6.2.1. Arctic Energy Alliance

6.2.2. Chamber of Commerce

6.2.3. Northern Aboriginal Business Association

6.3. Academics

6.4. Industry

6.4.1. Aboriginal Pipeline Group

6.4.2. Harry Winston Diamonds Diavik Diamond Mine