Ear (Sense of Hearing)

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Ear (Sense of Hearing) by Mind Map: Ear (Sense of Hearing)

1. Maiieus bones

2. 4. Perception of Environmental Sounds

3. Hearing Stimulus

3.1. 1. Perception of Pitch

3.2. 2. Perception of Timbre

3.3. 3. Perception of Spatial Location

4. Anatomy Ear

4.1. Outer Ear

4.1.1. Auricular lobule (Earlobe)

4.1.2. External Acoustic Meatus (Ear Canal)

4.1.3. Tympanic membrane (Eardrum)

4.2. Middle Ear

4.2.1. Small bones in the middle Anvil bones (incus)

4.3. Inner Ear

4.3.1. jendela oval transfer to the kokhlea

4.3.2. kokhlea Strirrup bones (Stapes)

4.3.3. organ of corti Basiliar membrane Tectorial membrane Hair cells

4.3.4. auditory nerve

4.3.5. round window

4.3.6. vestibular system

4.3.7. eustachian tube

5. The Hearing Process Mecanism

5.1. The entry of vibrations from object to the ear

5.2. The hearing process flow

5.3. The course of the impulse from the ear to the primary auditor korteks

6. Ear Disorders