Becoming A Producer

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Becoming A Producer by Mind Map: Becoming A Producer

1. What its going to take

1.1. Musical Capabilities

1.2. Meeting People

1.3. Being Commited

1.4. Stay Confident

1.5. Have Fun

2. Where will this job take me

2.1. Getting Lucky

2.2. Enjoying Yourself

2.3. Taking Risks

2.4. Making A Living

3. What are the benefits

3.1. Having Fun and Making a Living

3.2. Meeting Different People

3.3. Get Well Known

3.4. Explore The World

3.5. New node

4. Whats Required

4.1. Again, Musical Capabilities

4.2. Enough General Knowledge

4.3. Be Social

4.4. Staying Prepared, Dont wait last minute