Kickstart your creativity with mind maps

This mind map is a summary webinar hosted on the Biggerplate platform. There is a recording of the lesson available on in the resources section. The webinar will inspire and empower you to take your creative intelligence to the next level. In the webinar you will find out how to use mind mapping to give you practical steps to develop your creative mindset and toolset. Find out about how powerfully your brain is designed for creativity and walk away with a clear pro...

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Kickstart your creativity with mind maps by Mind Map: Kickstart your creativity with mind maps

1. how do I do develop creativity?

1.1. develop your creative mindset and your creative skillset

1.1.1. our model - the creative mindset, skillset and toolset

1.2. creativity can be like buried treasure

1.2.1. our process a buried lamp

1.3. our process for developing creativity

1.3.1. khkj Step 1: Dig out what could be buried for me? Tool Step 2: Clean off Take the quiz Step 3: Fill Self Others Nature Step 4: Light Creativity has a bias to action Step into action

2. why do I need creativity?

2.1. you are designed for creativity

2.1.1. dsds

2.1.2. creativity is a fundamental intelligence Noller's formula: Creativity is a function of Knowledge, Imagination and Evaluation, multiplied by Attitude

2.1.3. Belief in your creative capacity lies at the heart of innovation. Thomas Kelley

2.2. creativity has many applications

2.2.1. solving problems a team came up with an innovative networking system to bring in new clients .

2.2.2. getting out of a slump a blocked artist had first solo exhibition 6 weeks later .

2.2.3. bringing fulfilment person left corporate to start a dream business in succulent gardening which is now flourishing .

2.2.4. seeing things with new eyes a woman walked away from dangerous relationship that night .

2.3. creativity has been underdeveloped (it's not your fault)

2.3.1. creative thinking has been sidelined by industrial development Example question Creativity Test

2.3.2. creativity declines with age Study by Prof. George Land assessed the creativity of 1,600 children Prof. Kyung Hee Kim: The Creativity Crisis: The Decrease in Creative Thinking Scoreso n the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Creativity Research Journal, 2011 You can change this!

3. try this

3.1. How would you divide this cake into 8 pieces with only 3 cuts?

3.1.1. One possible answer

4. hello

4.1. who we are

4.1.1. Nina Nina Pearse learning facilitator, agile people consultant, creativity coach live in South Africa, mum of two girls passionate about economic and social transformation using creativity

4.1.2. Celia Celia Falkenberg architect live in Cape Town creative educator, entrepreneur, architect

4.1.3. what we do work with businesses to equip people to innovate work with individuals to build creative intelligence create and facilitate courses on innovation and creativity

4.2. the impact for you

4.2.1. write down: where could you use more creativity in your life? what's holding you back?

4.3. our goal for this session

4.3.1. 1. inspire you to prioritise your creativity development staring off the edge of this mortal coil

4.3.2. 2. provide you with practical steps to get going

5. There is a recorded lesson that goes with this mind map. You can find the recording on in the resources section.