My Thinking Process

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My Thinking Process by Mind Map: My Thinking Process

1. To Read

1.1. Physical Milieu

1.1.1. ICT subject has been characterized by using Technology as much as possible. Therefore, the great majority of the Reading process has been developed in a "virtual way". No photocopies or phsical printed documents were given to us.

1.1.2. Interaction with partners Colleges communication has been fundamental in some cases since, a part from interchanging perspectives or different point of views, it has allowed to solve some doubts about practices and also how we were going to focus on the Treasure Hunt.

1.2. Virtual Milieu

1.2.1. Internet Browser Web 2.0 Treasure Hunt Adobe Reader Online Blogger Región de Murcia Digital Wikipedia Web 2.0 YouTube Google Maps and Street Viewer Treasure Hunt applications Practices 10 Things about myself (Flickr) Let's twitt! Google Docs Theoretical Classes Tons of webpages were used to gather additional information about PLE's, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Web 2.0... Tumblr I have read also tumblrs of my work partners in order to know how they focus on the activities and what the main points are in which I have to improve.

2. To Reflect and To Do

2.1. Physical Milieu

2.1.1. Practices 10 Things about myself Pencil and Paper Let's twitt! Pencil and Paper Google Docs Pencil and Paper Cooperative and grupal work

2.1.2. Treasure Hunt Pencil and Paper I used pencil and paper to design the whole route, that is, POI's, clues, main information... I wanted to make sure and I had prepared all the basic features before starting to make the activity in a "virtual way". Cooperative and grupal work

2.2. Virtual Milieu

2.2.1. Practices 10 Things about myself Flickr Microsoft Office Word Tumblr Let's twitt! Twitter Microsoft Office Word Tumblr Google Docs GDocs Microsoft Office Tumblr

2.2.2. Treasure Hunt Microsoft Office PowerPoint Word SlideShare After making the PowerPoint about our TH we used SlideShare to upload it to the Internet and, in this way, later, we could enclose it to our TH's blog. Movie Maker To make videos which were going to be uploaded to YouTube we used Movie Maker, creating presentations about some POI's of the TH. YouTube We used YouTube to upload the videos which were necessary to complete "Views and Sounds from Murcia" Treasure Hunt. Blogger Views and Sounds From Murcia Blog Treasure Hunt applications Hoppala Layar QR Code Generator A part from creating the blog and using TH applications, QR Code Generator was also very important since it allowed us to create codes which redirected to the questions which students had to complete if they wanted to get the next POI. Tumblr I wrote some of my reflections and thoughts about the activity on my personal Tumblr.

2.2.3. Theoretical Classes Tumblr I have used tumblr in order to show some of my reflections and thoughts about what we had learnt in class.

3. To Share

3.1. Physical Milieu

3.1.1. Practices Practices were not shared in a "physical way", only by people conversation and talking about how they were and intercharging opinions in class.

3.1.2. Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt was shared in a "physical way" through the paper with the instructions (level, age, game masters, phone numbers, QR Code...) which was given to the group which had to make the activity.

3.1.3. Theoretical Classes Theoretical classes were not shared in a "physical way", as well as practices, only by people interaction and conversation about them.

3.2. Virtual Milieu

3.2.1. Practices 10 Things about me Flickr Tumblr Let's twitt! Social Networks Tumblr Google Docs GDocs Tumblr

3.2.2. Treasure Hunt Blogger Views and Sounds from Murcia Blog YouTube We shared TH's videos with the group which had to make the activity. Tumblr I shared the whole Treasure Hunt which we had to solve ("Alfonso X The Wise") on my Tumblr. Gmail I also shared, with my work partner Cristina, the development of the Instructions about our TH, through emails.

3.2.3. Theoretical Classes Tumblr I shared my reflections and thoughts about the content of classes through my personal Tumblr.