Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application

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Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application by Mind Map: Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application

1. Mapping

1.1. allows you to navigate places in real-time.

1.1.1. Advantages 1.Promotes visual accuracy 2.You can see the world at one time

1.1.2. Disadvantages 1. Maps have distortion 2. Gives poor idea of distances

2. Webpage Creation

2.1. allow you to create website commonly encompasses WYSIWYG programs.

2.1.1. Advantages 1. Consumer convenience 2. Always stay up to date

2.1.2. Disadvantages 1. Takes longer time to download 2. Requires internet

3. Presentation/Visualization

3.1. allow you to present and share presentations, infographics and videos.

3.1.1. Advantages 1. Provides clear information 2.Make it easier to engage your audience

3.1.2. Disadvantages 1. Inability to represent the complexity of certain topics. 2. Need for basic equipment to present the slideshow.

4. File Management

4.1. allows you to sort, convert, and manage files without downloading the software tool.

4.1.1. Advantages 1.Easier Retrieval 2.Improved Regulatory Compliance

4.1.2. Disadvantages 1. Takes longer time to download 2. Limited Data Sharing

5. Social Media

5.1. enables you to create, co-create, discuss, modify, and exchange user-generated contents.

5.1.1. Advantages 1. You build your brand 2. You can join social media networks for free.

5.1.2. Disadvantages 1. No longer incontrol 2. May not get all features

6. Cloud Computing

6.1. you can store and acess your files/data anytime and anywhere with the acess of an internet.

6.1.1. Advantages 1. Accessibility 2. No hardware required

6.1.2. Disadvantages 1. Bandwidth issues 2. No Redundancy