Study to Increase our Consciousness

A summary of the study program I've been involved in for the past year.

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Study to Increase our Consciousness by Mind Map: Study to Increase our Consciousness

1. Attitude

1.1. Living from the Inside Out Not from our senses. Decision over Reaction. Habit of making decision from the picture. P.16

1.1.1. This does not get to root cause.

2. Greener Pastures:

2.1. When we live from the picture, preparation is natural and we become so good so competent that we actually force the opportunities we seek to come our way. P.28

3. A Worthy Destination

3.1. What we want more than anything else. See ourselves already in possession of it. Worry Backwards P.50

3.1.1. Picture what you want at the end

4. Miracle of Your Mind

4.1. Our Mental Faculties: Perception P.68

4.2. Reason

4.3. Will

4.4. Memory

4.5. Imagination

4.6. Intuition

5. Living with the Laws

5.1. Law of Perpetual Transmutation P.80

5.2. Law of Cause and Effect

5.3. Law of Vibration

5.4. Law of Polarity

5.5. Law of Rhythm

5.6. Law of Relativity

5.7. Law of Non Resistance

5.8. Law of Sacrifice

5.9. Law of Obedience

6. Seed for Achievement

6.1. Here is foundation upon which every great career has been built: Integrity, truth, and Honesty are the bases for Success. The unfailing boomerang. P.95

7. Its Easier to Win

7.1. Normal reaction to environment is to act, think and talk like the people we are surrounded. P.113

7.1.1. This is what we've been taught

8. Vocabulary

8.1. Levels the playing field, all within our control. p. 171

9. Learning

9.1. We Consciously entertain an idea

9.2. We emotionalize the Idea

9.3. We Act on the Idea

9.4. And We observe a change in Results p.197