Teaching Chinese to Internationa Staff and Teaching English to Local Staff

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Teaching Chinese to Internationa Staff and Teaching English to Local Staff by Mind Map: Teaching Chinese to Internationa Staff and Teaching English to Local Staff

1. Chinese teacher: Dong Li (a TA is needed as Dong doesn't speak a lot of English) English teacher(s):Eric, Celine, Vivian, Alan, Tia TA: students (offer them intern certificate)

2. Who: foreign teachers and local chinese staff

3. Places: Conference room and other meeting rooms. Library if on weekends.

4. Problems 1: Teachers already have a very full schedule. Tia has 15 classes, Vivian and Alan are form tutors. Dong may have some empity slots but she has other responsibilities.

4.1. Solution 2: equal work duty reduction.

4.2. Solution 1: extra payment. Need to be decent.

5. Problems 2: Some teachers or staff may find it occupying their leisure time. Especially Chinese staff. They may lack motivation.

5.1. Solution: bonus system? more promotion opportunities?

5.1.1. Howard/ Ted

6. When: better be non-officehour during weekdays.

7. Finance: books/teaching materials/extra pay for teachers

7.1. Howard

8. Contents: Stage 1: Everyday English and Chinese. Stage 2: Business English (preliminary BEC) and Chinese (workplace communication).

8.1. Assessment: Formative and Summative to determine the stage

9. Number of classes: one each first.

10. Strength: High-quality teachers, and well-facilitated classrooms. A good way to build internal relationships.

11. Weakness: Lack of experience. Lack of sufficient human resources.

12. Opportunities: new product line (might be too ambitious), a form of welfare that can be added to recruitment ads

13. Risks: ??

14. Time table: 2 weeks for planning and getting teachers ready (need assistance in negotiation), 1 week for classroom setting and textbook arrival, 1 week for TA recruitment and staff (students) enrolment

14.1. Roy, and Ted

15. Course length: Short-term (4 weeks), on-going. Given trial is successful, make it a routine course for both the old and new staff. 50min for a class, 1 or 2 classes per week.

16. Placement: the trial is only for beginners (to save human resource and given that with a foundation one can actually learn by self)

17. Test: 1. ongoing formative assessments in and out of class. 2. summative assessment at the end of each term to decide whether one could stay in the course. Student feedback in any form is welcome.