Me and hobbies

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Me and hobbies by Mind Map: Me and hobbies

1. Science And Technology

1.1. Articles

1.1.1. New Scientist

1.1.2. Science Daily

1.1.3. And so on (Random sites that i randomly finds)

1.2. Research and search for knowledge

1.2.1. Wikis

1.2.2. Google Articles


1.3.1. Aerospace & Aerodynamics Geobat Plane Jet engines Latest: Scramjet

1.3.2. Fundamental forces Gravity Electromagnetism Weak Interaction Strong Interaction

1.3.3. States Of Matter Solids Liquids Superfluids Normal liquids Supercooling Gases Plasma BEC Neutron Superfluid

1.3.4. Latest Tech

2. Entertainment and Recreation

2.1. TV

2.1.1. Eastern Drama

2.1.2. Cabled TV

2.2. My Laptop

2.2.1. Games Skyrim GTA AVA Blackshot