Technologycal enviroment

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Technologycal enviroment by Mind Map: Technologycal enviroment


1.1. Web pages

1.1.1. Punia Mishra's Web

1.2. Blog

1.2.1. We visited some blogs, for example: Alazne and Juan Carlos Blog.

1.3. Twitter

1.3.1. For the Pechakucha we had to follow some teachers on Twitter for acquiring some information about their projects.

1.4. Youtube

1.4.1. We used Youtube to look for some tutorials.

1.5. Wikipedia

1.5.1. We visited Wikipedia to find information.


2.1. Blog, Twitter, Youtube, Knovio, Toontube

2.1.1. We used blog, twitter and so on for sharing our work with our classmates

2.2. Tuenti, Gmail, WhatsApp

2.2.1. We also used Tuenti, Gmail and WhatsApp for sharing information, but between the members of our group.


3.1. Wordreference, translator

3.1.1. We used these tools for correct our english.

3.2. Mindmeister

3.2.1. We used it for doing some mindmappings about our PLE and also for this task.

3.3. Powepoint

3.3.1. We used this tool for doing the Pechakucha

3.4. Toontastic

3.4.1. We used this tool for doing the story with Manel

3.5. Twitter

3.5.1. To follow some teacher who can be useful for some tasks.

3.6. iPads

3.6.1. To do our story and the comic.

3.7. Smartphones

3.7.1. We used smartphones for doing pictures for the stopmotion.

3.8. Cameras

3.8.1. To take photos while we were working.

3.9. Laptops

3.9.1. To use some tasks and to find information on internet.