Balanced Reading

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Balanced Reading by Mind Map: Balanced Reading

1. Guided Reading

1.1. Teacher works with small reading groups on strategies previously taught during shared reading or read alouds while the rest of the class work quietly.

1.1.1. Groups should have between 4 and 6 members.

1.2. Text should be within all group members reading level range, but should still present

1.3. Teacher listened quietly as group members read, assisting if needed.

1.4. There should be space for the reading group to work together and engage in discussion, but still space for the rest of class to work quietly.

2. Shared Reading

2.1. Lessons should be 10-15 minutes in length

2.2. Each lesson should focus on 1 or 2 specific teaching points

2.3. Teacher reads with whole class or smaller groups.

2.4. Important that everyone can clearly see the text.

2.4.1. Use a variety of texts (big books, poems, posters, charts, Smartboard, individual copies of books, etc.) so pupils learn about different texts types and purposes. Texts may be revisited many times.

2.5. Environment should feel safe and nurturing so that pupils are will to take risks.

3. Independent Reading

3.1. Minimal teacher support

3.2. Should occur on a daily basis, with the length of time increasing as pupils' ability to read attentively improves.

3.3. Can occur in pairs or literature circles.

3.4. Should be access to a variety of texts

3.4.1. Texts should be relevant and interesting Texts should be "just right" (95-100% accuracy)

3.4.2. Classroom library should be organized

3.4.3. Have resources such as word walls available.

4. Read aloud

4.1. Teacher reads aloud to whole class

4.1.1. Teacher models what a good reader looks and sounds like by demonstrating intonation and punctuation.

4.1.2. Models prediction

4.1.3. Set background for the story before reading to activate the semantic cueing system

4.2. Takes place at the carpet or somewhere similar where everyone can sit together.

4.3. Text level may be well above the reading level of pupils.

4.4. Highest level of teacher support.