Creativity and workshop

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Creativity and workshop by Mind Map: Creativity and workshop

1. Reading

1.1. Physically: Powerpoints, tutorials, lessons. On internet: Wikipedia

1.1.1. We saw some tutorials about toontastic, stop motion tools and so on. We also saw a powerpoint done by Manel with the explanation.

1.2. On internet, P2P and investigating by ourselves

1.2.1. We looked for some information in internet, but also we asked to our classmates.

2. Sharing

2.1. For sharing we used toontube, blogger

2.1.1. After doing the toostastic, the comic and the stopmotion, Manel uploaded them to internet. Also we looked for them in internet and published them in our blog.

2.2. We share them with the classroom

2.2.1. We shared our work with our classmates in the blog and also with all the people in toontube.

3. Doing and Reflect

3.1. First we thougth and then we started to do the task

3.2. We used iPads, smartphones, laptops, cameras

3.2.1. For doing the work we used some resources as iPads and with some tools that are included in it we can make a comic or the stop motion