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Sexuality by Mind Map: Sexuality

1. Biological Sex

1.1. Are the biological characteristics that define people a male or female.

1.1.1. Femenine A vulva, Ovaries, XX chromosomes

1.1.2. Masculine A vulva, Ovaries, XX chromosomes

2. Gender

2.1. It´s something biological that helps define people, based on their bodily characteristics

2.1.1. Male

2.1.2. Female

3. Gender Identity

3.1. It has to do with something internal, which gradually builds as the person grows and organizes their concept about their sex and gender, and also linked to the experience that each person has had with the aforementioned.

3.2. Types

3.2.1. Transgender

3.2.2. Lesbians

3.2.3. Bisexual

3.2.4. Intersex

3.2.5. Gays

4. Sexual Identity

4.1. It´s when each person has their concept of how they identify, that is, if they consider themselves a man or woman and even both, this also includes how they develop socially taking into account their sexual capacities.

5. Sexual Orientation

5.1. It´s how or towards whom a person expresses his sexual attraction in relation to love relationships.

5.2. Manifests itself in the following ways

5.2.1. Manifestation can be through thpughts, fantasies, forms of behavior and even sexual desires.

5.3. Types

5.3.1. Asexuality

5.3.2. To gender

5.3.3. Heterosexuality

5.3.4. Homosexuality

5.3.5. Bisexuality

5.3.6. Metrosexuality

5.3.7. Pansexuality

6. Predjudices and stereotypes

7. Knowledge