Riley's Mission - Technology in the Arts

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Riley's Mission - Technology in the Arts by Mind Map: Riley's Mission - Technology in the Arts

1. Example of Innovative Technology in the Arts

1.1. The Social Distancing Festival

1.2. The Social Distancing Festival - This is something that Canadians put together in response to the arts getting shut down from COVID, and I think it is an incredible idea moving forward. It is a site that showcases amazing talent and they featured everything from visual arts, dance, music, theatre/musical theatre/opera. They allow artist submissions, they stream musicals, vocal performances and operas as well as art exhibits and visual art pieces and dance showcases. This is incredibly innovative because the arts community is moving towards digital platforms. Perhaps going forward, there could be an annual Digital Social Distance Festival.

2. Favourite Arts Organization Digital Channels

2.1. Develop NEW, diverse, innovative and contemporary musicals that tell a story; Offer educational programs and training as well

2.2. Largest charitable musical theatre company in Canada - "When music and story unite, hearts crack open and change is possible"

2.3. POSITIVES - Creating new musicals and going with trends - ie. yearly concert "Uncovered" will go digital this year in November 2020 (audio and visual adventure); Diversify casts (ie. Caroline, or Change in February 2020); Social media use is excellent (website up to date, instagram loaded daily to promote and create buzz about upcoming work and audition notices, video teasers released for concerts and shows coming up)

2.4. COULD BENEFIT FROM - Investing in creating partnerships with large visual art centres in Toronto for future digital collaboration with musicals and shows


3. PEW Research

3.1. 81% of organizations in the survey said they "currently post or stream videos of their performances or exhibits"

3.2. 40% agree that digital technology is negatively impacting audience members attention span for live performances

3.3. This article was written in 2013, and being that we just had a global pandemic switching our whole world to digital essentially, I am sure this percentage would be 100% at this point. I find it interesting they say that almost half think it decreases the full enjoyment of live performances after experiencing digital. I personally think that you cannot beat live performances and people will always be drawn to live versus digital. It depends on how innovative and technological advances occur in the next coming decades.

4. ARTM 706 Innovative Technology Alicia D'Ariano 301163754

5. Form of Innovative Technology

5.1. BigArtTO

5.2. Experience city wide public art illuminations projected onto local buildings and landmarks (event schedule on the website above). This was established in 2020 to show love for Toronto and create community engagement from the saddened decrease of tourism in Toronto due to COVID (a branch from the ShowLoveTO initiative). This will likely attract young adults and artists living in and around the GTA. I am sure social media will be posting the different art pieces being projected.