Places to Ride Application

Detailed breakdown of potential opportunities across Inner East

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Places to Ride Application by Mind Map: Places to Ride Application

1. Political Will

1.1. Howard, Chris, Mags, Jo, Viv etc. - Building a community who are invested in cycling

1.2. Buy in from key local organisation

2. Lincoln Green

2.1. Partners

2.1.1. Bridge Community Church Access to Bikes/Storage Community Bike Library/Storing bikes on site Safe Place to Ride Development of a pump track/learn to ride track on site Skills Splashtime: Ready Set Ride Programme Bike Mechanics training: Local people can maintain bike library and train others in maintenance skills Led rides to familiarise with key routes Deliver regular adult learn to ride sessions People Infrastructure Generating a community workforce to manage community library Large volunteer workforce Ride Leaders/Social Rides Political Will Andy Lenton - Buy-in from key local organisation Building a community who are invested in cycling Project Links Football Foundation Claire - Splashtime: Parent and Toddler Group Ingrid - Summer Playscheme and After School Club Ash - Youth Group Women's Group

2.1.2. Shakespeare Primary School Access to Bikes/Storage School Based Bike Library Cycle to School/Work Programmes Revolution Cycles Skills Bikes for use in PE sessions After-school family ride sessions ESOL and Learn to Ride Programmes After School provision Safe Place to Ride Mini Holland Scheme School grounds: safe space to learn to ride Education: Making families aware of routes to key destinations across the East e.g. WykeBeck, East End Park, Roundhay etc. School Streets/Play Streets Initiatives Political Will Julian and Becky - Buy-in from key organisation in local area Building a community who are invested in cycling Project Links Mini Holland Scheme Play Cycle North City Connect Urban Run ESOL People Infrastructure Development of a cycling club

2.1.3. DAMASQ Access to Bikes/Storage Keen for small fleet of bikes on site at Ebor Gardens Community Centre for community use Somali Community for West Yorkshire Safe Space to Ride Outdoor circular loop around Ebor Gardens Community Centre (within centre walls) Indoor hall suitable for Ready Set Ride sessions Proximity to Oxton Fields - good progression into a traffic-free environment People Infrastructure Sawsan - Large community engaged with DAMASQ - keen to be upskilled in Ready Set Ride Programmes and be able to deliver sessions independently Skills Large BAME group who want to learn to ride Ready Set Ride programmes Interest in BMX for older children/young adults Talent scouting opportunities Project Links Places to Ride Application Ping Pong

2.1.4. LCC Communities Team and Councillors Political Will Significant barriers to overcome in regards to creating safe and secure opportunities for bike storage, particularly around the high-rise accommodation Support with connecting of key partners Potential match funding People Infrastructure Andy Birkbeck and Ian Kenning - Links with residents/third sector in order to create 'cycle ambassadors'

2.1.5. Housing Leeds Political Will Significant barriers to overcome in regards to creating safe and secure opportunities for bike storage, particularly around the high-rise accommodation. Move towards management of secure cycle hangar storage as well as garages Potential match funding People Infrastructure Messaging/marketing out to all LCC tenants - majority of Lincoln Green residents Support at a neighbourhood level - Julie Holmes Generating insight/data Project Links Engage HQ

2.1.6. Urban Development Regen - Lewis Cooper? Sarah Wilson (Senior Design Officer, City Development) Parks and Countryside - Vicky Nunns Highways Vicki Franks?

2.1.7. Leeds Bike Mill Political Will Based in local community - building a community who are invested in cycling People Infrastrcture Possibility of identifying those accessing refurbished bike offers/maintenance qualifications etc. - potentially feeding them into Ride Leader/Social Ride intiatives etc. Amanda Celia Ben Naomi Close links with City Connect Access to Bikes/Storage City Connect have funded voucher scheme to increase access to bikes - £50 off refurbished bikes Dr Bike pop ups (currently funded for BRH, GH and Woodhouse and Little London) Potential maintenance agreement with School Based Bike Library at Shakespeare Bike Maintenance Skills/Training Mentoring programme for local 'ambassadors'? Project Links Voucher Scheme for refurbished bikes Dr Bike

2.2. Places

2.2.1. Bridge Community Church

2.2.2. Oxton Fields

2.2.3. Shakespeare Primary

2.2.4. Tower Block Accommodation

2.2.5. Mini Holland Scheme

2.2.6. Mabgate

2.2.7. Pedaller's Arms

3. East End Park

3.1. Partners

3.1.1. Communities Team and Councillors Councillors very keen to redevelop BMX track Laura Eagle - LCC Communities Team

3.2. Places

3.2.1. BMX track Safe Space to Ride Harry - Community revamp of the wooded space Skills Regular delivery

3.3. Project Links

3.3.1. Tennis

3.3.2. Bowls

3.3.3. Parkrun?

3.3.4. Richmond Hill Academy

3.3.5. Richmond Hill Elderly Action

3.3.6. Ping Pong

4. Cliftons and Nowells

4.1. Partners

4.1.1. Nowells Resident Group People Infrastructure Link into community: Mobilising community ambassadors Keen to have more opportunities for cycling in the area Training opportunities and community workforce Already small group of people who have engaged with BC led rides/pop ups who are really keen to influence local development to include opportunities for cycling The time is right - leading members are putting pressure on LCC officers and ward members - they are desperate for activities for young people Political Will Strong community voice Skills Ride Leader Training Bike Maintenance Training Talent scouting Ready Set Ride Upskilling young leaders: Bike maintenance - community workforce to maintain cycles (stored at CATCH or NMCC) Links with Learning Partnerships and training opportunities Project Links Outdoor Youth Club Play Streets

4.1.2. CATCH People Infrastrucutre Community engagement Mobilising community ambassadors: Feed into SuperStar APP programme? Access to Bikes/Storage Small fleet of bikes for community bikes stored at CATCH/NMCC Skills Upskilling young leaders: Ride Leader Training and routes across East Safe Spaces to Ride Pump track/ramps stored at CATCH

4.1.3. Youth Service People Infrastructure Engaging with local young people in Nowell Mount Park - signpost to cycling activity and support with youth workers Skills Encourage Youth Workers to access Ride Leader Training - mobile working/encouraging young people to access sites across the East

4.1.4. Compton Centre Access to Bikes/Storage Bike Library - Link this provision with NMCC and CATCH

4.1.5. Brownhill Primary School Access to Bikes/Storage Potential links with Shakespeare Primary - Become a School-Based Bike Library. Sharing of practice and increasing connectivity with the Cluster? Safe Spaces to Ride Potential led rides to school Social Learn to Ride sessions after school School Streets - close street and encourage families to walk/cycle to school Project Links Links with school council and conversations around development of NMCC and Nowell Mount Park Connectivity and sharing of practice with cluster

4.1.6. LCC Communities Team and Councillors Political Will Potential match funding People Infrastructure Connecting with local partners and residents

4.1.7. Housing

4.1.8. Learning Partnerships/Community Builder

4.1.9. Small group of residents who have already met with Harry and have inputted into an online survey detailing community cycling offers

4.2. Places

4.2.1. Nowell Mount Park Access to Bikes/Storage Fleet of bikes for community use based at centre/in shipping container Sheffield stands Secure storage on site Safe Space to Ride Development of a pump track - led by local community Development of a Learn to Ride track Widening of paths: thermoplastic markings, distance markers etc. Project Links LUFC KICKS Play Workers Youth Service outreach CATCH on Wheels Playful elements and development of park Football Foundation Parks and Countryside - Vicky Nunns Outdoor workshop Running bike maintenance drop-ins alongside other provision on park e.g. LUFC, YS Trash Free Trails Area Clean-Up Skills Dr Bike Sessions Pop Up Maintenance Workshop Learn to Ride sessions on green space

4.2.2. Nowell Mount Community Centre Access to Bikes/Storage Fleet of bikes stored at the centre Access to bike maintenance tools Set of balance bikes available for use with Children's Centre sessions Sheffield Stands Skills Upskilling workers at centre: Ready Set Ride training/Ride Leader training Bike maintenance sessions/Drop-in Project Links Children's Centre - Family Outreach Workers CATCH on Wheels Youth Group Nowell Mount Women's Group

5. Seacroft

5.1. Partners

5.1.1. LS14 Trust Access to Bikes/Storage Sheffield Stands Start/end point to led rides/social rides - linking in with the community cafe Currently 'dead' bit of grass/land outside of LS14 Trust - use this to store bikes? Pop up bike maintenance? People Infrastructure Mobilising cycling 'ambassadors' - links in to community to bring key people on board Keeping momentum following HUB COVID response work - generated a large volunteer base - want to keep these people engaged Safe Space to Ride Proximity to Rein Park Project Links Healthy Holidays Programme (currently putting in a funding application to continue this way of working) Links with development of Gate site (where building was demolished) - opportunity to trial/pilot a cycling element? Linking of areas of city through cycling? Groups from Nowells/Lincoln Green/Seacroft coming together to access Wykebeck - social rides? Skills Drop-in/Pop-up bike maintenance slot in the community café?

5.1.2. Fall Into Place Political will Naomi - Building a community who are invested in cycling Buy-in from a key local organisation Safe Space to Ride Kentmere Community Centre Skills Kentmere CC - HUB for a variety of activities. Can use this as an additional site for training/upskilling opportunities Access to Bikes/Storage Sheffield Stands Opportunity for a small fleet of bikes stored at KCC? People Infrastructure Significant engagement across Seacroft - regular contact with children and families Ability to present training offers to local community, as well as making people aware of events etc. Excellent opportunities for coproduction of a project with local people Large volunteer base mobilised following Mini Playbox project Very strong links with school cluster (Amanda - cluster lead). The cluster are now based at KCC Project Links Mini Playboxes Playbox (Rein Park) Seacroft Sociable Folk Local Developemets

5.1.3. Seacroft Community On Top People Infrastructure Katrina and Stacey - Local women living in Seacroft - significant engagement with families across Seacroft Voice into community - able to communicate offers and to mobilise a community of cycling 'ambassadors' Stacey - interested in physical activity - accessing PT training though Denis Healey Gym project. Potential for ride leader training? Safe Space to Ride Based at Denis Healey Centre - opportunity for traffic-free cycling Skills Ready Set Ride programme at Denis Healey (indoor/outdoor) Upskilling of key volunteers Access to Bikes/Storage Opportunity for small fleet of bikes to support SCOT youth group work based at DHC?

5.1.4. Summer Healthy Holidays work highlighted that most children did not own bikes in this area

5.1.5. LCC Communities Team and Councillors People Infrastructure Linking with key partners Political Will Cllr Paul Drinkwater Invested in cycling Possible match funding opportunities Project Links Development of local spaces

5.1.6. Bishop Young Academy People Infrastructure Dave Kilkenny (Assistant Head) - Supportive of BMX initiatives - he used to BMX Skills Half way through VRU programme Safe Spaces to Ride Proximity to Wyke Beck Proximity to Fearneville Use school grounds for bike maintenance and adult learn to ride sessions? Access to Bikes/Storage Possibility of becoming a School Based Bike Library? Project Links Mary Gillespie - Cycle to School project Preventing Youth Violence Funding

5.1.7. School Cluster People Infrastructure Work towards getting 'buy-in' from local schools - joining a 'school cycle network' that gives participating schools accreditation? Close relationship with Naomi and based at KCC - really good opportunity to engage with Naomi Amanda - Cluster Lead- very engaged in local community activity e.g. played a key role in Mini Playbox project Generating a community workforce to maintain school-based bike libraries Skills Teachers/Staff Safe Space to Ride Commitment to opening school grounds for social rides/Pop Ups/adult learn to ride etc. Access to Bikes/Storage Creating a number of inter-linked School Based Bike Libraries Large number of children - particularly focused around Denis Healey side - that do not have bikes. Consider Revolution Cycles project for lead schools?

5.2. Places

5.2.1. Rein Park People Infrastructure Rein Park Revolution Safe Place to Ride Pump Track Learn to Ride section Harry - Linking in school projects to deliver outreach focusing on taking pride in park - clearing rubbish etc. Access to Bikes/Storage Sheffield Stands Playbox KEY TIME TO REJUVENATE/'ACTIVATE' PARK - There had been a lot of positivity around the park - this momentum has been difficult to maintain during the COVID crisis. Sliding backwards in terms of fly-tipping and increased ASB.

5.2.2. Kentmere Community Centre

5.2.3. Denis Healey

5.2.4. Wykebeck Way People Infrastrucutre Gary Smith - Wykebeck Valley Project Officer Community Outreach projects Engaging with active groups Engaging key businesses along route Safe Spaces to Ride Fantastic traffic-free cycling that links/connects across the East Access to Bikes/Storage Explore opportunities for cycle storage for people commuting along this route Small fleet of bikes for commuter use? Skills Led rides that show routes to/along the Wykebeck Ride Leader Training to encourage led/social rides along this route Creation of a 'green map' to connect parks and open spaces across the East?

5.2.5. Springwell Academy People Infrastructure PC Oliver Snodgrass - police officer at Early Help HUB. Ver passionate about cycling. Engages children through use of tandem bike. Safe Space to Ride Engagement on site - ramps etc - reaching some of Seacroft's most vulnerable young people. Skills Bike maintenance projects Trash-free trails

5.2.6. Fearneville BMX track Safe Space to Ride BMX track Access to Wykebeck- perfect start/end point for led rides Indoor - Ready Set Ride? Tennis Courts - Learn to Ride programmes People Infrastructure LUBP sessions - Jez Leeds BMX Club Triathlon Clubs Skills Indoor/Outdoor - bike maintenance Led rides Learn to Ride Talent scouting Project Links Bishop Young Academy - Preventing Youth Violence project Jez - LUBP - Saturday sessions?

5.3. Project Links

5.3.1. Get Set Leeds Local People Infrastructure Community Chest Initiative