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Console and Associates P.C. by Mind Map: Console and Associates P.C.

1. At Console and Associates, P.C., we know what it takes to resolve a personal injury claim. We've had 25 years of experience helping our clients in Newark get their lives back on track. We've helped thousands of clients settle their car accident, slip and fall, and any other claim involving negligence. If you're injured, you might wonder who you can trust, and what you need to do to start getting your life back on track. You're not sure how the legal process works, or even if your insurance company is really on your side. We've spent years perfecting our understanding of New Jersey personal injury law so that we can answer any questions you have. You will get better, and we're here to help.

2. Contact Information 494 Broad St #208b Newark NJ 07102 USA (862) 229-1137 [email protected]