Toastmasters Theme Ideas

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Toastmasters Theme Ideas by Mind Map: Toastmasters Theme Ideas

1. Timely

1.1. Holidays

1.1.1. Official New Years Bringing in the New Year New Year Resolutions Reflecting on the old year February Valentines Day March St. Patrick's Day April Fools Day Mothers Day Fathers Day Labor Day Memorial Day Independence Day Cinco De Mayo Halloween Thanksgiving Possibly Religious Holidays Easter Christmas Hannukah Eid May risk alienating people not of that faith

1.1.2. Fun Holidays National I want a different name day e.g. August has more than 50 holidays Monthly Weekly Days

1.2. Events

1.2.1. Income Tax Deadline Taxes, Taxes, Taxes Death by Taxes

1.2.2. Club Anniversary Happy Birthday Party Meeting

1.2.3. Member Life Events Births Birthdays Marriages Anniversaries Earning DTM or other Award

1.3. Entertainment Industry

1.3.1. Awards

1.3.2. Series and Movies to Watch Right Now

1.4. Current Events

1.4.1. Whatever is in the news and on people's minds

1.4.2. Be careful of controversial topics

1.5. Seasonal

1.5.1. School Year Starts Back to School Here We Go Again!

1.5.2. Sports NFL Olympics

1.5.3. Fall Fall Back Pretty Leaves Turning Color

1.5.4. Winter Skiing Snowboarding

1.5.5. Spring Spring Break Spring Cleaning Spring Forward

1.5.6. Summer Summer Vacations Fun in the Sun Playing on the Beach

2. Things to learn as a club

2.1. New procedures or trainings

2.2. Some skill the club needs to work on

2.2.1. Welcoming guests

2.2.2. Managing time

3. Other Ideas

3.1. Internet Search

3.2. Reuse Themes

4. Member Interests and Hobbies

4.1. Doll Collecting

4.2. Biking

4.3. Mind Mapping

5. Generic Themes

5.1. Favorite

5.1.1. Movies

5.1.2. Books

5.1.3. TV Shows

5.1.4. Music

5.1.5. Foods

5.1.6. Travel Destination

5.1.7. Kitchen Gadgets

5.1.8. Quotes/Sayings

5.1.9. Anything

5.2. What If

5.2.1. I were King or Queen

5.2.2. I won the Lottery

5.3. Questions

5.3.1. How has technology changed your life?

5.3.2. What's So Funny?

5.4. How To

5.4.1. do Taxes

5.4.2. choose a Dentist

5.4.3. adopt a pet

5.4.4. make bread

5.5. Life Lessons

5.5.1. Generic The Most Important Thing I've Learned The Most Painful Lesson I've Learned

5.5.2. Select an important lesson The Importance of Family The Importance of Maintaining Your Health