Plastic Water bottles in the Pacific Ocean

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Plastic Water bottles in the Pacific Ocean by Mind Map: Plastic Water bottles in the Pacific Ocean

1. Marine endangerment

1.1. Plastic bottles endanger many animals

1.2. The think the bottles are food and they eat it getting sick or it gets stuck in their throat

1.3. Smaller animals get stuck in the plastic

1.4. It ruins their homes

2. Pollution

2.1. Plastic water bottles are one of the largest plastic polluters

2.2. It pollutes the environment and our water supply

2.3. There is enough plastic water bottles in the ocean to go around the whole world

2.4. It blocks hydroelectric power plants from functioning

2.5. There is a huge pile of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, filled with plastic water bottles, it's bigger than Texas

3. recycling

3.1. Not all parts of a bottle is recyclable, the lid and paper are not

3.2. recycling centres throw out a lot of the bottles

3.3. Most plastic water bottles end up in the Ocean

4. decomposition

4.1. Plastic bottles end up at landfills

4.2. Incineration of bottles are expensive and it creates air pollution

4.3. It doesn't break into pieces, it stays a bottle for hundreds of years

4.4. It takes hundreds of years, sometimes even a thousand for a plastic bottle to decompose naturally

5. Questions

5.1. Are there any positives to Plastic water bottles?

5.2. Is there an easier way to recycle them?

5.3. How can we make reusable water bottles more convenient?

5.4. Can we change the material of plastic bottles to make them biodegradable?

5.5. How do we deal with all the plastic bottles that are already in the ocean?

5.6. How long will it take before the ocean is plastic free? is it even possible?

5.7. What did people do to drink water on the go before plastic bottles were invented?

6. Problems

6.1. People don't like putting in time and effort, especially when something doesn't directly affect them

6.2. Change costs money that people don't want to spend

6.3. People like connivence

6.4. Some people don't know it's a problem

6.5. Solutions are hard to come up with because it has to be easy enough for everyone to do