CAE Listening Exam Section

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CAE Listening Exam Section by Mind Map: CAE Listening Exam Section

1. Parts

1.1. Part 1

1.1.1. 3 short extracts from conversations with multiple-choice questions. You'll hear two extracts. For questions 1-4, choose the answer that best fits according to what you hear. 2 questions per extract. The audio will be played twice. Sample

1.2. Part 2

1.2.1. Sentence completion. A monologue will be played. The student will have to complete 8 sentences with information from the recording. you can listen to the audio 2 times. Sample

1.3. Part 3

1.3.1. conversation with multiple-choice questions. You will hear a conversation between two or more speakers. You will have to answer 6 multiple-choice questions. The audio will be played twice. Sample

1.4. Part 4

1.4.1. Multiple matching. You will hear 5 speakers. Each speaker will talk about a related topic. There will be two blocks of 5 matching questions. You can hear the audio twice. Sample

2. Tips

2.1. Listen! The more English you listen to, the better you will do. It is easy.

2.2. Recordings can be: monologues, announcements, radio broadcasts, speeches, talks, lectures, anecdotes. So please keep an eye on these types of documents.

2.3. You will hear the audio twice.

2.4. Read the instructions carefully before you start.

2.5. Read the instructions carefully. Some students oversee this part.

2.6. Read the questions before you hear the audio. Actually, this is a strategy used in reading as well.

2.7. Think about the topic, the speaker and the context as you read the questions.

3. Strategies

3.1. Predicting.

3.1.1. Try predicting answers before you listen. Read the question. Underline key words. It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. It helps you "Tune in"

3.2. Time Management

3.2.1. Be Prepared. If you are prepared, you will be able to save time by skipping forward all the introduction videos. It will allow you to use more time on other questions.

3.3. Accents

3.3.1. some students get used to hearing their english teacher and they think their listening skills are excellent. But there are accents from America, different parts of Britain, New Zealand, Australia, India in the exam. Try listening to Ibooks, Podcasts, audiobooks to avoid this common mistake.

3.4. Distractors.

3.4.1. It is used to lead weaker students in the wrong direction. Watch out for answers like The man lives in China when the speaker says 'I used to live in China'.

3.5. Learning from mistakes.

3.5.1. Read the transcript of the recording after you have done the exercise. Students never do this and it is a real shame.

3.6. Challenge your ideas.

3.6.1. A common mistake is to pick your answer and stick with it. Be open-minded to the possibility you have fallen into a trap. You hear the recordings twice for a reason.