Technology & Me

Approaching Digital Citizenship

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Technology & Me by Mind Map: Technology & Me

1. Security

1.1. Mindspace - Privacy of one's thoughts

1.2. Define SAFETY

1.2.1. What does it mean to feel safe?

1.2.2. What is a safe relationship?

1.2.3. What is needed to keep you safe? When using the Internet?

1.3. Choiceless Choices

1.3.1. With every Google search, with every opening of a map app, with every purchase - you give your information away

2. Addiction

2.1. Apps to track time spent on devices - Moment/Blocking Apps - Waste Not Time

2.1.1. ask students to define how that might hekp?

2.2. teens lack self-control

2.3. Can you name some ways that tech companies work to get attention on their platforms? For example, Snapchat uses Streaks and Netflix releases a full season at one time rather than a single episode.

2.3.1. How much do you agree, or disagree, with this statement, "Tech companies manipulate people into spending more time on devices?"

3. Communication Or Mere Connection - The Truth about Social Media

3.1. Spend 10-15 minutes of each class in team building activities

3.1.1. Cooperation lights up the reward circuitry - releasing feel good hormones

3.2. Define weak Vs strong ties

3.3. Speaking VS Listening

4. Virtues: Empathy, Solitude, Boredom

4.1. identifying facial cues

4.2. What problems do you want to help solve?

4.3. Is Happiness Deserved?

4.4. Boredom sets in around 7th grade,

4.4.1. neurologically prone to boredom Every click leads to a hit of dopamine Intense excitement highjacks a teens brain leaving them unable to gauge risk

5. Distraction & Multi-tasking

5.1. What does choice mean?

5.2. Constant state of partial attention

5.3. Anxiety - caused by constant feed of online stimulation

6. What is the Internet?

6.1. The Web & Data Mining

6.1.1. Whatever you search in the web belongs to the company (search engine) that delivered that information to you

6.2. Information Overload

6.2.1. the magic #7

6.2.2. How many things can you keep track of in your head at any given time?

6.2.3. Working Memory

6.2.4. Caught in a dopamine loop - every ping & ring tone leaves us on alert

6.3. Who owns & sells information?

6.3.1. Who has access to information?

6.3.2. What counts as information, Opinion or Knowledge?

6.4. Information Literacy

6.4.1. Gamification of Internet Searching - use leaderboards, badges, points Board game - Virus Attack

6.4.2. Boolean Search

7. Information Bias

7.1. Manipulative language

7.2. Teens can't feel abstractly - which is why they need concrete experiences

7.3. Search Engines set algorithms to perceive & predict your values

8. Independence

8.1. How does the Internet make me feel successful?

8.2. Can I be successful without the Internet?

8.3. Online Behavioral Goals - have students define

9. Pornography

10. Start with a Student Survey

11. Digital Literacy

11.1. Podcasts

11.1.1. conversations between hosts

11.1.2. Interviews

11.1.3. Storytelling

11.2. Video

11.2.1. on-the-street

11.2.2. planned interview

11.3. Coding

12. Morality

12.1. Incorporate Biblical stories