Fundraising Innovation Program OLD

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Fundraising Innovation Program OLD by Mind Map: Fundraising Innovation Program OLD

1. Strategy

1.1. PFP IMPACT Plan Strategic Choices

1.2. FIT Situation Analysis

1.3. FIT program feedback annual survey

2. Data

2.1. Rich data metrics (RDM)

2.2. Indigo insights

3. Trends

3.1. TrendOne/TrendWatching (external trend scouting companies

3.2. Successes from the private sector

3.3. Input from Market Knowledge Unit (PFP)

3.4. Insights from markets (e.g. Germany's presentation on post COVID-19 trends)

4. Inspirations & good practices

4.1. Inspire Award 2019 & 2020

4.2. Intranet good practices

4.3. COVID-19 response Idea Track

4.4. Input from PFP Fundraising Knowledge Management

5. External partners/experts

5.1. Board of innovation

5.2. Classroom to Boardroom

5.3. "Friends of UNICEF" (Champions from the private sector)

5.4. INGO Fundraising Innovation Network

6. Innovation from programs

6.1. T4D repository

6.2. Office of Innovation (NYHQ)

6.3. UNICEF Drones TaskForce

7. Strategic Innovation Areas

7.1. New Products - what products can we develop that will attract and engage new types of donors?

7.1.1. Challenges What is UNICEF UK's next successful subscription product? Colombia F2F¿Cómo pueden los facers llamar la atención de los potenciales donantes en la calle a través de actividades creativas y/o lúdicas? Argentina Telethon: #ChallengeUnSol2019

7.1.2. Solutions Work in progress UNICEF online will making scheme (PFP) FCB Fans Global Activation 2020 (PFP) Bedtime stories subscription product (UK) Optimize fundraising results using AI (Japan) Global e-gaming & e-sports fundraising (PFP) UNICEF InPulse (Italy) Tested New ways of gaining consent and miniziming the loss of EUGDPR (UK) Subscription to Pledge: Paddington Postcards (UK) Global Ramadan Campaign (PFP) Track & Trace (the Netherlands) P2P Campaigns (Hungary) Real time social listening solution in emergencies Streaming Platforms & CPTP Global Testing Accelerator (PFP) Online legacy calculator (Australia) Reach every Dane in one day (Denmark) Handraisers: Air short call to action message TV (France)

7.2. Retention: How can we use data and analysis to drive retention and value?’

7.2.1. Solutions Work in progress Missed payment recovery UNICEF<>Twilio Optimize fundraising results using AI (Japan) Tested Level Up! Targeting on an individual level through UNICEF Classifiers (Finland) Fundraising with Artificial Intelligence and Information Automation (Brazil)

7.3. Second tier - How can we attract and retain mid-range companies in ways that don’t conflict with our high value (multi-million $ partnerships) strategy?

7.3.1. Solutions Work in progress SMB market offering for UNICEF (Norway)

7.4. High-value: how can we incentivize major gift officers to ‘hold the line’ and lead donors from $1m to $100m donations?

7.4.1. Solutions Work in progress Catastrophe Bond (PFP) UNICEF Financial Innovation Lab (PFP) Tested Innovative location data marketing campaign to engage HNWI's

8. PSFP FIT Support

8.1. Technologies

8.1.1. One-click donation in Ads

8.1.2. 4D experience

8.1.3. Social listening Real time social listening solution in emergencies Fundraising with Artificial Intelligence and Information Automation (Brazil)

8.1.4. Crowdfunding app (TBC)

8.1.5. Voice assistant for donation

8.2. Process

8.2.1. Online Hackathon UNICEF <> Twilio

8.2.2. Open Innovation Spain UNICEF Lab: Accelerating start-ups while increasing our revenue Norway Innovation Factory Global Open Innovation Challenge for Fundraisers Poland's Digital Innovation Competition with External Partners

8.3. Training

8.3.1. Innovation 101 Training Brochure

8.3.2. Innovation Toolbox (UNICORN)

8.4. Community

8.4.1. Quarterly Innovation Calls

8.4.2. Innovation champion program

8.4.3. Fundraising Innovation Newsletter

8.4.4. UNICORN Collaboration Site

8.4.5. Yammer Group

8.5. Funding

8.5.1. Fundraising Innovation Fund (FRIF)

8.5.2. Revolving Fund for Investment in Private Sector Fundraising

8.5.3. Leverage innovation ecosystem Spanish Startups Mechanisms Vietnam FR Funding Model FR Solutions Marketplace


8.6.1. Innovation Portfolio Management

8.6.2. Idea Generation Challeges How to better mobilize companies for emergency fundraising? Global Fundraising Innovation Challenge