PAPGroup Ltd. Technical Knowledge Taxonomy

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PAPGroup Ltd. Technical Knowledge Taxonomy by Mind Map: PAPGroup Ltd. Technical Knowledge Taxonomy

1. Graphics Design

1.1. Brochure and Catalog Design

1.2. Web Content Design

1.3. Logo Design

2. Product Management

2.1. Product Design

2.1.1. UI/UX Design UI/UX Design Tools Adobe XD Sketch Balsamiq Design Layers Wireframing Prototyping Mock-up User Experience Design

2.2. Product Ownership

2.2.1. Product Strategy

2.2.2. Product Roadmap

2.2.3. User Stories Acceptance Criteria

3. Research and Development

4. Enterprise Software Solutions

4.1. Software Engineering

4.1.1. Software Design Domain-driven design

4.1.2. Software Architecture Microservice Architecture Monolithic Architecture Onion Architecture MVC Architectural Pattern

4.1.3. Software Development Software Development Technologies Programming Languages Software Development Platforms Standards and Protocols Markup Languages and Data Interchange Formats Software Development Processes Test-driven Development Behavior-driven Development Acceptance Test Driven Development Software Development Practices Software Craftsmanship Pair Programming Software Development Tools Test Tools Debug Tools Build Tools Refactor and Optimization Tools Bundling Tools Package Managers Integrated Development Environments and Code Editors Software Development Methodologies Agile Methods Software Process Models Waterfall Iterative Incremental

4.1.4. Data Storage Technologies Database Technologies Relational Databases noSQL Databases In-Memory Data Structure Technologies Redis Message Queue Technologies RabbitMQ MSMQ Object Storage Technologies MinIO

4.1.5. Software Quality Assurance Software Process QA CMMI Software Quality Attributes Availability Reliability Maintainability Reusability Scalability Software Testing Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing Acceptance Testing Persistence Testing

4.2. UI Design Technologies

4.2.1. Styling Technologies Sass Less CSS

4.2.2. CSS Frameworks Bootstrap Materialize

4.3. Business Analysis

4.3.1. Requirements Elicitation Requirements Elicitation Techniques

4.3.2. Domain Knowledge

4.4. DevOps

4.4.1. Operations Computer Networks Networking Concepts Network Administration Tools Virtualization Virtualization Tools Containerization Operating System Administration Operating Systems

4.4.2. DevOps Practices Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Continuous Delivery

4.4.3. DevOps Tools Azure Pipelines

5. Search Engine Optimization

6. Website Development

6.1. Kernel System

6.2. Customization

7. Project Management

7.1. Planning

7.1.1. Agile Project Management Tools Azure Boards

7.2. Project Configuration Management

7.2.1. Software CM Tool Azure Repos

7.3. Project Documentation