Getting BITCOIN is easy! why you need some and how to buy it

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Getting BITCOIN is easy! why you need some and how to buy it by Mind Map: Getting BITCOIN is easy! why you need some and how to buy it

1. It is a whole new world!

1.1. New hobby

1.2. New language

1.3. Don’t have to learn much to get Bitcoin

1.3.1. But you can learn loads

1.4. New revenue streams

1.4.1. Buy some and spend the profits

1.4.2. Start a crypto blog

1.4.3. Create crypto you tube channel

1.4.4. Be an affiliate marketer Crypto exchanges and services offer affiliate links We use Coinbase

2. What to do with it

2.1. Look at it

2.2. Donate it

2.3. Give some to your family

2.3.1. It is today’s gold coin

2.3.2. But you don’t have to hide it under the floorboards!

2.4. Use it as an investment

2.5. Safe from bank meltdown

3. How to get it

3.1. Join Coinbase

3.1.1. Simplest User friendly No scary trading charts Simply click buy or sell

3.1.2. Most secure Reliable Uptime

3.1.3. Easy to get cash back out Link your bank account

3.1.4. Easy way to get into other Crypto currencies There are over 300 cryptocurrencies Some were created as a joke Dogecoin Others have clear missions Energi wants to save the world

4. What is it?

4.1. Created in 2009

4.1.1. By unknown person known by alias Satoshi Nakamoto

4.2. Cryptocurrency

4.3. No middlemen e.g. banks

4.4. Can buy real things with it

4.4.1. Overstock

4.4.2. Overstock

4.4.3. Expedia

4.4.4. Xbox games

4.5. Skyrocketing price made and makes billionaires!

5. Why you SHOULD get some!

5.1. It is here to stay

5.2. Returns from savings are awful

5.3. It is fun

5.4. You might just make some money!

5.5. Apocalypse fund!

5.5.1. Or your country becomes politically unstable Zimbabwe Syria Etc

5.5.2. Crypto might be the only money that talks

5.5.3. USD is a FIAT currency Since removal of gold standard Dollar and pound have no intrinsic value!

5.5.4. If banks collapse (Which they have done in UK and US)

5.5.5. If economy collapses

5.5.6. Brexit fallout back up plan