8 Best Places to visit in Hungary

8 Best Places to visit in Hungary. A Mind Map by Arpit Banjara

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8 Best Places to visit in Hungary by Mind Map: 8 Best Places to visit in Hungary

1. 1. Hortobagy National Park

1.1. Hortobagy National Park was established

1.1.1. as Hungary’s first national park in 1973

1.2. Animals, including wild horses

1.2.1. lived on the steppe during the Ice Age.

1.3. Horses, as well as cattle, oxen and water buffalo

1.3.1. still graze on the land

1.4. It’s a good place to go bird watching

1.4.1. since 342 species live in the park

1.5. A key attraction is the Nine-Arch Bridge

1.5.1. that was built in the mid-19th century for people needing to cross the heavily flooded grasslands

1.6. Another top site is the Kareag Windmill

1.6.1. that was built in the 19th century

2. 2. Lake Balaton

2.1. Lake Balaton is Europe’s largest freshwater lake

2.1.1. also it is Hungary’s most popular summer resort

2.2. It’s so big it’s sometimes referred to as the “Hungarian Sea,”

2.2.1. a delightful misnomer since the country is landlocked.

2.3. Grass covers many of the beaches

2.3.1. though some resorts have created artificial sandy beaches

2.4. Siofok is the lake’s party capital

2.4.1. while ferries at Fonyod take passengers to Badacsony a major wine-growing region

2.5. The north shore offers more wineries

2.5.1. the historical bathing town of Balatonfured

2.5.2. and the baroque Festetics Castle

3. 3. Debrecen

3.1. Debrecen, which served as Hungary’s capital various times over the century

3.1.1. is an important cultural center

3.2. Debrecen is considered the intellectual center of the country

3.2.1. starting with the founding of Calvinist College in 1538 Now known as the University of Debrecen

3.3. The city has a thriving music scene

3.3.1. and is home to the Bela Bartok International Choir competition.

3.4. Top attractions include

3.4.1. the Reformed Great Church the largest Protestant church in Hungary

3.4.2. the Deri Museum with its collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts

3.4.3. and the annual Flower Carnival

4. 4. Aggtelek National Park

4.1. Located in northern Hungary about a three-hour drive from Budapest,

4.1.1. the park is home to the largest stalactic cave, in Europe

4.2. A special cave experience is listening to concerts inside Baradla

4.3. The park is a protected area, with some parts off-limits to tourists

4.3.1. while visitors must remain on marked hiking trails in others

4.4. Aggtelek National Park is a good place to see flora and fauna

4.4.1. and visit quaint villages within its boundaries.

5. 5. Heviz

5.1. It is home to one of the largest thermal lakes in the world

5.2. Water temperature varies from 24 to 37 degrees (71 to 100 °F)

5.2.1. making for a pleasant swim

5.3. The water flows from its source fast enough to change every 3-1/2 days

5.3.1. keeping the water clean

5.4. Located near Lake Balaton

5.4.1. Heviz is famous for its spas with many flourishing resorts

5.5. After a swim in these medicinal waters

5.5.1. you might want to hike in the nearby forest or take in a food festival or outdoor concert

5.6. With a Mediterranean-like climate

5.6.1. Heviz is a popular year ‘round destination.

6. 6. Sopron

6.1. It is located on the main square

6.1.1. next to the city landmark Firewatch Tower

6.2. The city was devastated by World War II

6.2.1. though many of its medieval buildings escaped damage

6.3. Sopron today is one of Hungary’s major wine producing regions

6.3.1. one of the few famous for both its red and white wines

6.4. Great hiking is available in the nearby Alps.

7. 7. Eger

7.1. Founded by Hungary’s first Christian king, Saint Stephen

7.1.1. the city is famous for its magnificent baroque buildings

7.2. The king founded an Episcopal cathedral

7.2.1. The cathedral was built on Castle Hill with the city growing around it.

7.3. The castle and basilica remain the city’s top sights

7.3.1. followed by the Valley of the Women a series of wine cellars and restaurants built into surrounding hills

7.4. Check out the Torok Kori Minaret

7.4.1. the northernmost Turkish minaret in Europe the 150-step climb to the top is steep but the views are worth it.

8. 8. Budapest

8.1. Budapest is home to the world’s largest thermal water cave system

8.1.1. as well as the world’s second largest synagogue

8.1.2. and third largest Parliament building

8.2. Tourists will find spectacular views of the Danube

8.2.1. and the city from Fishermen’s Bastion originally part of the city wall

8.3. A poignant memorial to Jews killed in World War II

8.3.1. can be found at Shoes of the Danube where Jews removed their shoes before being shot and washed away by the river.

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